Amrut 10 Greedy Angels

Amrut 10 Greedy Angels.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing a dram of this one with us.

Had a whisky tasting. And for this one, we went all out.

Up first… You know what? I’m going to assume you want to know more about the whisky than anything else. And for this one, I’m going to be succinct.

We drank a lot of whiskies. And I felt okay enough to review 8 out of 9.

Up first was Amrut 10 Greedy Angels, which means we weren’t fucking around at all. I had to sit up straight, have everything ready to go, and then realize I was facing the light when I took pictures and therefore don’t have a picture of it in the glass.

But there were witnesses this time so I’m not too worried.

You may be asking yourself “Why is a 10 year old Whisky so special?” Well I’ll tell you:

In India, it’s very hot and humid. So much so that whisky evaporates quicker than other places, and as such, leaving anything in the cask for a long, long time means more and more of your profits go into the waiting, greedy mouths of Angels.

Loss in Scotland, for instance, is 1-2% during maturation. In India it’s 10-12%. Thus there were only 320 bottles sold, each with a miniature of cask strength 71%. We didn’t drink that. That’s for /u/xile_ to drink.

Thus most of Amrut’s releases are 3-5 years old. This is the second oldest Indian whisky, and oldest at the time of release.

That’s pretty special. This one ended up having some controversy due to the Alcohol content. Some people mentioned they could have kept it higher and only reduced the amount of whisky available by 1/3. But Amrut didn’t, and that’s their thing. Live and learn.

Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Price: Never made it to the LCBO

Region: India

Abv: 46%

Colour: 5Y 8/8

Nose: Butter, wheat, ginger, spiced apples, pineapple, barley

Very light on the nose. Given time, the standard Amrut profile starts to really shine. Wheat/Tropical Fruit/Spice.

Things meld here a lot better than the younger ones. It’s more of everything working as a team, rather than flavours jumping in. Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the end of each of the movies, versus at the start.

Maybe the spice apples are Raph? I’m thinking too far into this. Moving on…

Taste: Caramel, dry Champagne, butterscotch, grainy, lemon

This reminds me exactly of a really good Champagne. Except no bubbles. I guess I could have added Sprite, but… that seems silly.

Less spice than I was expecting. More yeast, dry elements, pears. I know putting “Champagne” is a cop out, and wanted to describe it more, however the more I drank, the more that note sprung out.

Like the Foot Clan.

Moving on….

Finish: Apple, oak, toast/rye, sesame, meat, smoke, pineapple

Long. Super long finish. Probably one of the best finishes I’ve had in a long time. And all at a low Abv.

Big bread notes, continuing on the really nice yeast flavours. Like it was made in Donnie’s lab even.

Ignoring that, it has a really interesting, almost Hawaiian pizza flavour at the end, with all the meat and pineapple. A true “Cowabunga Dude” moment, if you will.

Conclusion: All in all, very tasty, and shows a really amazing growth. Something this well made at a low alcohol content takes a lot of work. It’s older, and not complex in ways that older drams are. It’s a new animal, if you will. Some sort of creature from the ooze.

This is not complex in the way a 21+ year old Scotch is. It’s complex in the way a well blended Scotch is. Or it’s hard to explain. Lots of flavours that meld well together and are tasty.

Drink this if you have the chance. It’s a game changer.


World Whisky review #185, India review #23, Whisky Network review #872

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