Jim Beam Red Stag Hardcore Cider

Jim Beam Hardcore Cider 2.jpg

Thank you to… damn, didn’t write it down. Sorry about that. Some guy gave me this. He didn’t want anything back. Said it was bad.

I’ve said, multiple times, that if someone releases something and calls it a whiskey, I’ll review it. Recently I’ve had quite a few whiskies from different distilleries that most people have commented on as “rough” and “holy damn that wasn’t great”.

A lot of people (read: like 3, including my parents and wife) who read my stuff on a regular basis will also note that I haven’t given them as low of scores as others. I note this. I wonder if I’m being nicer because the distilleries are smaller.

But then I drink something like Jim Beam Red Stag Hardcore Cider and realize that I’m not playing favourites. There are worse things out there.

This is Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon that has apple cider and other natural flavours. In theory, that’s a good idea. The vanilla that is inherent in bourbon would meld well with the apple and cinnamon to make an apple cake/pie sorta thing.

As you can tell, it didn’t work out as planned.

Jim Beam Hardcore Cider 1.jpg

Price: No longer offered by the LCBO, potentially replaced by Jim Beam Apple

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 40%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Apple juice, cinnamon, cloves

Smells like cider. There’s no bourbon here at all. And I like both. But this smells… like apple juice. Cheap apple juice. Nice amount of spices.

But there’s no whiskey here. Turn back now.

Taste: Cinnamon, apple flavouring, clove extract, medicine

It smells like someone tried to make a fake apple cider medicine for alcoholics. But there’s no bourbon here.

The apple doesn’t taste right. The clove tastes like we boiled it down in chemistry class and I sipped it again and I’m pretty stupid for putting it in my mouth.

Finish: Fake cinnamon, apple flavouring, bad lemon

More fake. No bourbon. It’s all over. Just run. I know why I got this for free.

Conclusion: This is a failed experiment that doesn’t taste right at all. The nose is the only part that feels like it wasn’t made in a lab. This is the American Slices of bourbon.

This is distilled evil in apple form. Buy Apple Jack instead. It’s much better, and more American than this.


Bourbon review #168, Kentucky review #105, Whiskey Network review #888

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