Amrut Double Cask

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Thanks again to /u/devoz for the sample.

So I’m at a whisky tasting and I get offered another Amrut. And because I need to keep drinking Amruts or my ancestors will rise up and destroy Sri Lanka.

Which is amazing because I’m white as shit and my ancestors never went there, but thems the breaks. Sorry Island country.

Not that I wouldn’t drink this otherwise. It’s a blend of two old Indian whiskies from Amrut, one from ex-bourbon and one from ex-sherry.

The fact that it contains whiskies that are older than traditional Amruts is like the cherry on top. Or rather, it’s like cake on top of cake. With more cake.

Damn I need to stop eating cake.

At the end of the day, this is different than multiple finished whiskies. It’s closer to a Canadian method of aging each component separately and then mixing them. Which I’m pretty sure isn’t a Canadian idea at all, we just do it every so often.

So let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Price: N/A in Canada

Region: India

Cask No. / Cask Type: 3451 (Ex-Bourbon) / 3802 (PX Sherry)

Date of Filling: June 2009 / May 2010

Malt Type: Unpeated Indian Barley

Date of Bottling: August 2016

Abv: 46%

Colour: 10YR 6/8

Nose: Chocolate, cigarettes, ash, sunflowers, currant, raisins

Initially I’d say the ex-Sherry cask is stronger here. Lots of chocolate notes. Good amount of ash in there too. Really dark chocolate notes. And dark fruits. Just all dark, really.

I’m saying this has a nose like someone fucking their way across Africa. In all the best ways, and without the high risk of AIDS.

Taste: Ash, peach, brown sugar, raisin, malt

More ash, however the fruit elements and big malt. Still has a big fruit element to all of it. Good rich flavours.

I was hoping some vanilla elements would pop in from the ex-Bourbon cask. Was hoping that would give it a huge rum cake flavour, but that’s lacking.

Finish: Ginger, raisin, plum, salt, chocolate, brown sugar, sugared lemon peel

Finish is really what you drink this for. The ex-bourbon cask is again missing, though I’m starting to think it adds sweet to the sherry cask bitter, earth notes. More chocolate, lots of flavours, and really long finish.

Given time it starts to have more acidity. Wish there was even more of this.

Conclusion: This is liquid chocolate malt. If you threw it in a blender, I’d say it’s become a horrible mess. Or a chocolate milkshake. Probably more likely the first.

This is super sweet, has lots of chocolate and dark fruit flavours, and a good amount of spice. It has developed quite well compared to other Amrut Sherry casks (of which there are many).

That said, I just don’t get enough ex-bourbon in here. I want more. It sets me up to think there’s going to be more, and that side of it doesn’t deliver. The taste is hurt by it. The finish is really nice, but end of the day it comes off as a sherried dram.


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