BenRiach 22 1992 Single Cask #976 Tawny Port Cask

BenRiach 22 1992 Single Cask #976 Tawny Port Cask 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/charlesdobson for swapping me this sample.

I can be obsessive. I played Magic: The Gathering (aka Cardboard Crack) for about a decade. And I had a good time for most of it. I collected cards, but never spent more than I had.

See, only somewhat obsessive.

Recently I wanted to play Mega Man. I don’t know why, I just wanted to. So I bought the Anniversary collections.

Again, could have been worse at $100+ a cartridge to play it on my NES or SNES (Editor’s Note: My wife would like to point out they are her systems.). Instead I play it on the Gamecube (also hers).

And then there’s whisky. And lately, specifically stuff from BenRiach.

When charlesdobson stated he had BenRiach 22 1992 Single Cask #976 Tawny Port Cask, it was a no brainer to trade him some of the Rum Cask Cadenhead’s I have for it. Which is what we did.

And then I noticed he has amazing Printing. That’s some fancy writing man.

None the less, I enjoy port cask whiskies, though after discussing with some other whisky nerds, I need more of them to really form a better opinion.

Let’s see if this one helps, shall we?

BenRiach 22 1992 Single Cask #976 Tawny Port Cask 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Speyside

Cask No: 976

Bottle No: 174 of 262

Distilled: 1992

Bottled: Oct / 14

Age: 22 years

Cask Type: Tawny Port Hogshead

Abv: 54.8%

Colour: 2.5YR 4/8

Nose: Strawberry rhubarb pudding, arugula, peach ice cream, apple brown Betty made with honey-crisp apples, maple wood

Okay, so to put this simply, it’s sweet, but in that baked goods way rather than a sickly way, a cheap chocolate way, or a dime bag way.

We got that out of the way. What the fuck was I thinking with the apple brown Better comment? Seriously, I’m identifying the fucking apples used? I jump between defending and giving myself shit over that one.

It has a honey-crisp apple flavour. However it also reminded me of apple brown Better. So I combined them. Do I think it’s the write note? Not 100%. So I thought I’d beat you to mentioning it.

Taste: Strawberry, gingersnaps, plum, salty, molasses pancakes, lemon soda, basil

Less baked goods, more spice, and some odd notes. It’s salty in a salt on pineapple kinda way. And has good amounts of acid in it.

Though not as complex as the nose, it’s really nice to drink. Not overly sweet. I’d almost say it’s dry, but in a “this drink is dry” way, rather than some whiskies (and a bunch of wines) that are too much for me.

Finish: Brown sugar, orange, mint, ginger, cranberry, coffee, white peach, asparagus, lemon

Lots of pieces here. Tons of spice, good amount of different fruits, a slight amount that’s quite tart, and even a bunch of earth notes.

Conclusion: Sweet. Nice. Tons of different fruits. The taste is balanced between dry and sweet. The finish has a ton of pieces to it. I feel bad, this is better than the rum cask one.

This proves to me that BenRiach unpeated shines with different casks. This port cask has been given the time it needs. This is quite a nice dram.


Scotch reviews #551, Speyside review #168, Whisky Network reviews #911

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