Wiser’s Union 52


Thanks to /u/devoz and /u/muadibb99 for the sample.

So Wiser’s has this idea, right? They have a whisky they want to sell. It’s special, and they need a large company to pick it up. So they look around. Luckily they have someone in their back yard.

And that’s how the LCBO ends up with Wiser’s Last Barrels 14.

But we know that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Because the story doesn’t end there.

LCBO may be the biggest buyers in Canada, but they aren’t the only one. And the British Columbia liquor stores are not tiny. And when you sell alcohol to people who need to drink away pot or the rising housing prices, you don’t fuck around.

You show up and demand a special edition of your own, that’s what you do! So now Wiser’s has to compete with a special whisky that was made by a retiring master distiller. So they did the only thing they could:

They took their highest end whisky and mixed it with an old barrel of 52 year old Speyside Scotch they had sitting around.

You know, that old chestnut.

So they did. And delivered almost all of the barrels they were suppose to. And as someone in Ontario, I was sad I could never try this.

Until a friend came in with a bottle for devoz and muadibb99 and they were nice enough to tease me with it. And give me a sample. That’s what I meant. I guess.

Let’s see how this experiment tastes.


Price: $70 (CAD) at BC liquor stores

Region: Canada (blended with Speyside)

Abv: 45%

Colour: 7.5YR 5/6

Nose: Wood, honey, cranberry apple, banana, cherry blossom, butterscotch

In comparison with the normal Red Letter, this has a nice woodiness to it, which calms the sweetness right down.

It all walks up and yells “CALM YOUR TITS SWEETNESS” and Sweetness isn’t a prostitute so I don’t have to come in for a talking to by the police again.

Taste: Floral, caramel, honey tea, pear, milk, butter

There’s a floral aspect that has been added. Some milk notes, and again the sweet aspects are more mellow.

This is missing more of the earth and wheat elements from before. More umami, and creamy aspects.

Finish: Violets, green melon, brine, oak, cocoa nibs, ginger, grassy

Oddly this part is now just as fruity, earthy, and now has the wheat to it.

Talk about stealing from Paul to give to Paul’s feet. I’m pretty sure that’s the Bible quote, right?

Conclusion: An odd dram, that’s for certain. It rounds out the brash aspects of the red letter. However it loses some parts from the taste, can have a lot of floral aspects, and is more odd than tasty.

That’s not to say this isn’t a great thing to buy. I’d say it’s better than the standard Red Letter, and a better buy if you’re in BC. It’s probably the closest I’ll come to trying a 52 year old Scotch (so far) and I think this is a great idea for old whiskies that may be below the 40% line.

Now if only they’d release the distillery name.


World Whisky review #193, Canada review #68, Whisky Network review #921

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