Johnnie Walker Double Black

jw db 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Tsefly for the sample. And the cool labels.

A lot of people ask the usual question: Why are threesomes the number one secret sexual desire of men?

Trust me, I’m getting to the whisky soon.

And the typical answer, as given by many people, is this: Do you like cookies? (Assuming you do and you’re not broken inside) Would you like 1 cookie, or 2 cookies?

It’s a pretty simple way of looking at it.

Thus when asked why I would want to drink “Johnnie Walker Double Black**, I seem to have hit the same issue: Would I like one Black or Double Black?

Wait, that sounded racist. I don’t mean I have slaves. I don’t. And I’m against slavery (so brave).

But what does that mean, Double Black?

This is the traditional Johnnie Walker Black Label, however more Islay and more whisky that has been aged in heavily charred casks are added. That’s all. More smoke. So in this case fire = black.

The idea sounds like it’s up my alley. I like smokey stuff. I’m a huge peat head. So let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

jw db 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Blend

Abv: 40%

Colour: 10YR 6/8

Nose: Smoke, caramel, cereal, apples, peanut, oak, grass

Imagine the nose from Johnnie Walker Black Label. If you haven’t had it, imagine I have links below or tagged (depending where you are reading this) and you can click them to read my older review.

Okay, so back to the taste at hand: Imagine the Black Label nose, and turn up the different elements a bit. Not to 11, just from 4 to 7. It’s a stronger nose. More nutty aspects. More cereal. Less broth, weaker aspects.

Taste: Lemon candy, smoke, brine, pear, oak, anise

Less vegetal notes. More smoke, more brine, and more “what I expect from my Scotch” flavours.

Also less meat. Overall more sweet. Stronger flavours. More defined flavours. Good amount of smoke on the tongue.

Finish: Smoke, pear, lemongrass, cinnamon, metallic, pecan

Single Black had a faint mint flavour. This one has a stronger cinnamon and odd lemongrass flavour. Good metallic bit to it as well.

It’s funny, looking over my old notes, things that I found more prominent in the finish were in the taste here, and vice versa. What I can definitely say is there’s more nutty flavour here.

Conclusion: Simply put, if you like the regular Black Label, and want more smoke, more nuttiness, and generally more flavour, then you buy this.

It’s not a huge step up. Johnnie Walker Black Label is the metre stick I use to compare other whisky. It does what it needs to. Or Glenfiddich 12. Either one. This is like a slight step up. Nice to sip on, good smoke. Does what it needs to.


Scotch review #568, Blend review #60, Whisky Network review #944

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