Powers Three Swallow

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So I’m in Dublin. Or at least at the time of drinking this whiskey, I’m in Dublin. The one in Ireland. Not the one is Wyoming.

Now that you’re done checking if there’s a Dublin Wyoming, let’s move on.

I bounced around to quite a few bars. I even went to some distilleries, some whiskey sales places, a whiskey museum, and some of things that aren’t whiskey related. But you’re here for the fucking whiskey, so let’s start on it.

Up first we have Powers Three Swallow. This distillery release never leaves the Emerald Isle, so us non-Ireland living gents usually don’t hear about it. It’s NAS, and is a combination of mostly ex-Bourbon barrel casks and some Oloroso sherry casks.

Also it has the easiest name ever to make Blowjob names about, and caused my wife to have a giggle fit each time I had a sip.

We’re the classiest people. Ever.

Let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Powers Three Swallow 1.jpg

Price: €44.99 in Ireland

Region: Ireland

Abv: 40%

Cask Types: Ex-Bourbon Barrels & Oloroso sherry casks

Colour: 5Y 8/8

Nose: Honey, wood, sherry, pumpernickel, green banana, light nuttiness

Lighter nose. Yes, I’m not having this in a glencairn. One thing you should note is pubs in Dublin will announce they have over 100 whiskies, and then not own one glencairn. It’s annoying.

Suffice to say, I spent extra long, and hopefully didn’t weird out the people who were sat at our table from Pennsylvania.

There’s a yeast element to this that I associate with rougher Irish whiskies. Here it’s developed more, however into a pumpernickel like note. And if there’s anything I don’t like more than pineapple on pizza,

Little young. Nice sweetness to it though.

Taste: Cherry, butter, molasses, lime pulp, mace, basil, wood

Bit of some bitterness with some sweetness on this one. It’s not too balanced. The sweetness ends as you drink more and more, and the balance that it gave leaves with an Irish exist (HA! BECAUSE I’M IN IRELAND! I’M FUNNY!)

So it’s okay, just doesn’t keep up it’s end of the bargain as time goes on. Like a horrible business partner or someone else who is suppose to fuck you on a regular basis.

Finish: Burnt sugar, a lot of cereal, crisp honey, green apple, ginger tea

Finish is my favourite part. First off because of the interesting tea and honey notes. However it’s quite overwhelmed by the cereal notes. There’s a lot of cereal going on here, more than your average Irish whiskey.

Heck, it’s more than General Mills, if I’m being fair.

Conclusion: This is an improvement over the Gold Label, formerly the White Label, but there was some awkward times with a bottle that said “White Power”.

I think the sherry here is nice, not too overpowering. However there’s youthful aspects throughout. Part of me wonders if it’s better served at 46%, or perhaps with more time. The finish was my favourite part, but overbalanced.

As a daily sipper, this makes sense. As a special edition? Not really my thing. It’s a good second step, but I’d prefer a bit more for all the pomp around it.


World Whisky review #220, Ireland review #38, Whiskey Network review #1039

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