Arranpolcalypse (Part 1)

Funny story. Wait, not really. Funny. Maybe sad. I’m fascinated by different casks. I’m intrigued by anyone who is trying new and different things in life. Why? Because while I may not always agree with the mentality behind a business/individual who does something different, I can tip my hat (if I wore one) to them […]

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Midleton Dair Ghaelach Tree 9

Last whiskey reviewed in Ireland. Wanted to have more, but finally had to tap out. Hit my budget for the trip, ladies and gentlemen. And since I’m going out with a bang, and since we’re at the Bison Bar & B.B.Q., and since they were nice enough to give me a tour of their smoker […]

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Prizefight Whiskey

My wife was searching for an old Dublin snack that sadly isn’t around anymore, Monster Claws, the potato crisp you eat off your hands like some sort of monster, presumably. We couldn’t find those, however we did find L. Mulligan Whiskey Shop. After going through their extensive (and fairly priced) whiskies, I noticed a whiskey […]

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Teeling 14: The Revival Vol. 3

Last review (from this trip) at Dingle Whiskey Bar. I’d go back if I could. Actually, if they want to fly me out, I’m down to do a bunch more reviews. Damn pesky ocean in the way. As I said before, the Teeling: The Revival series was created in celebration of being the first distillery […]

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Dunville’s Very Rare 10

I’m at The Palace Bar. Why did it take me so long to show up here? Geez, I’m bad at this vacation thing. You’d almost think I’ve been on too few of them. Oh well, first world problems. At the time of drinking this dram, I’m sitting in a Victorian pub that has every Midleton […]

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Connemara 12 / Connemara 22

So I’m in the middle of an Irish whiskey tour. And we’re asked “Does anyone drink Irish whiskey normally?” I, of course, raise my hand. “That’s great! What’s your normal brand?” Oh shit. I draw a blank. I can’t quickly explain that I’m addicted to trying everything, that I drink just about every single thing. […]

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Glendalough Double Barrel

So I’m at the Irish Whiskey Museum. That’s a different review for a different day. Suffice to say, the tour was great fun. As part of the tour, we tried 4 different Irish whiskies and then got to make our own blend. The grain we tried? Glendalough Double Barrel. Thus I was able to review […]

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Glendalough 7 Single Malt

I’m in Glendalough at the Glendalough hotel drinking Glendalough 7 Single Malt while enjoying the Glendalough mountain air, sunshine, and overall happy about thinks. It’s like I found the key to happiness in the Glendalough of life. Wait, that only is funny if you pronounce it correctly. Dammit! It ends with “lock”, so it’s a… […]

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