Writers Tears Red Head

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So I’m back at the Dingle Whiskey Bar. Of course I am. They have whiskey I want to drink. I’m here.

Well, I was there. At the time of writing the review. But not this. Or that. I’m still somewhere.

Let’s start over: I exist. That I know for certain. At least I know my mind exists.

Wait, I might be putting Descartes before the horse. The horse, in this case, being Writers Tears Red Head.

I know what you’re thinking: Why did I hunt this one down? I mean, sure, I love Writers Tears Copper Pot. But isn’t this just that, but with Oloroso sherry casks?

That’s what I actually thought it was. And wow, as usual, I was wrong. You see, Writers Tears Copper Pot is made up of Single Pot whiskey and Single Malt (no grain). And Writers Tears Red Head is just the Single Malt.

In Sherry casks. Specifically sherry casks that were chosen amongst lots of sherry casks. Specifically Oloroso sherry casks.

It’s non-chill filtered, and limited. Though not super limited, so people should still be able to pick up a bottle. But first, let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Writers Tears Red Head 1.jpg

Price: $62.95 CAD at the LCBO

Region: Ireland

Cask Type: Oloroso sherry casks

Number of Bottles: 12,000

Abv: 46%

Colour: 7.5YR 5/8

Nose: Cranberry, grapefruit, yeast bread, strawberry, floral, caramel

Wood and fruit on the nose. If the colour and information and name didn’t tip you off there was some sherry involved, the nose will give you a spoiler.

The Irish whiskey “yeast” note works nicely here. It’s developed more into a yeast forward bread. So not just normal bread. Which also has yeast.

Nice floral notes here.

Taste: Brown sugar, lime zest, allspice, cinnamon, red fruits

Less sherry influenced here. Or rather, less of those red fruits that you get, and more of nice spice notes. It’s Xmas obsessed.

And while I love Xmas spices, I somewhat want a little bit more than just a cinnamon bun. Not that my guy gives you the opposite. Maybe some more butter. The red fruits aren’t as developed. I blame this more so on the process of making Oloroso sherry these days.

Wait, do you think we could send them some PX casks? Cause now I’m excited.

Finish: Allspice, cherry, cinnamon hearts, caramel, butter, almond, wood

More spice, and the red fruit generic flavour has developed at the end into more almond/cherry notes. And more butter.

This is really a spice bomb at the end. It can be a little spicy hot, and there’s some raw wood. I like the former quite a bit, but YMMV.

Conclusion: A nice step up from the standard offering. I’m impressed that they’d try something like this. Most companies would have thrown their standard in a cheap sherry cask, left it for a year, and then released it quickly, assuming it wasn’t horrible to the taste.

Instead they specifically took a part of their blend and released it. And I’m proud. I feel this is an improvement. Not a massive one though. I liked this, I like where this is going. I’m glad it’s a limited edition, because I think they can work on things like this and make it better.

I think the taste needs more time in the cask. Or perhaps first ex-Bourbon casks. But I want more attempts, I know that.


World Whiskey review #230, Ireland reviews #48, Whiskey Network reviews #1049

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