Dunville’s Very Rare 10

Dunvilles 10 1.jpeg

I’m at The Palace Bar. Why did it take me so long to show up here? Geez, I’m bad at this vacation thing.

You’d almost think I’ve been on too few of them.

Oh well, first world problems. At the time of drinking this dram, I’m sitting in a Victorian pub that has every Midleton Rare year every made. The walls are high, and they have a whiskey expert at the front. Heck, this is the first place to have a port finished Irish whiskey, if they are to be believed.

So yeah, why haven’t I been here before? Oh well, time to get down to it. The wife has gin, I’m having whiskey (the selection of both are quite nice).

Up first, a recommendation from the bar whiskey guru, who was nice enough to hang out there on his day off and not tell me to go pound sand. Appreciated.

Dunville’s Very Rare 10 is made by Echlinville distillery in Northern Ireland. Never heard of them? That’s okay. They make 2 gins, a poitin to punish the world, and 2 whiskies. Both are Dunville. They’ve re-revived the old Irish distillery in this time when we’ve been having more and more of those.

So I’m excited. Why? Not because I’m the kinda guy who visits auctions and wants the distilleries back. I have no feelings about them either way. No, more so I’m excited there’s different types of Irish whiskey on the market and that someone in this country finally used PX casks!

Yes, that’s right, in the country that loves the Oloroso cask to a point that even some of my fellow Canadian reviewers would find a tad disturbing (and yeah, I get why, they are less expensive and are consistent), I finally found a PX cask finish whiskey.

Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Dunville PX 10.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Ireland

Cask Type: Pedro Ximénez Casks Finish

Abv: 46%

Colour: 5YR 5/8

Nose: Cherry, ginger, mineral, brown sugar, Cinnabon, wood, baby powder

Nice cherry and ginger notes. Lots of brown sugar. Reminds me of walking by a Cinnabon, not actually eating their teasing products.

But that rants already been done.

Eventually opens into a floral/baby powder note with the wood. I’m guessing this is more of the malt coming through the finish. It’s not off putting, and much like the mineral gives it a different flavour.

Taste: Brown sugar, oat, ginger, coconut, mineral, banana

You know those healthy bites food that your vegan running friend buys? Yeah, this has that flavour profile. Except it’s not healthy, so stop freaking out.

Nice amount of mineral on the taste. You need to give this time for the fruit to come out, like your cousin. And be fucking supportive, asshole. Geez.

Finish: Cinnamon, grape, wood, lime zest, gingersnaps, dried apricot, heather

Lots of spice, some odd grape notes, and then it opens up into more complexity given time. It’s floral, dry in the right places, and fruity. Good balance of acidity, and who doesn’t love gingersnaps? Great Canadian horror film. Also the food is nice too.

Conclusion: An all around nice malt. I was really surprised by this one. Well, I am a PX junky, however sometimes those casks can be, for lack of a better word, shitastic.

However this has taken the best parts from it. Nice spice, good cherry, and a brown sugar note. It really has some nice flavours to it, the taste is well balanced, and the finish just gets better.

One thing I will warn: This isn’t the type of dram you can finish too quickly. It does need time to oxidize, otherwise some of the flavours will be lost.


World Whiskey review #243, Ireland review #61, Whiskey Network review #1063

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