Teeling Distillery Tour

Wrote up my thoughts on the Teeling Distillery tour: Check it all out, including amazing pictures from my wife!

Toronto Whisky Society

Teeling 2.jpg
Recently (as in a month ago) I visited Dublin during their summer, which lasted for 6 days. Your welcome Ireland, I brought the sun. I control the weather, like a pudgier, more dick centric, and a lot more pale version of Storm.
Before I get into anything else: All pictures taken were taken by my amazing wife. Please check out her flickr account here.
Now that I’ve ruined one of the best X-men characters who’s been ruined by the movies, let’s move on to the distillery I visited: Teeling Distillery.
Thinking of Ireland and what their known for, the first thing most people eventually come upon is their contribution to drinking culture. That’s putting it as culturally sensitive as I’d like to say. They are known for great beer (Kilkenny, Guinness), and for inventing whiskey (which is still a sore point they have with Scotland).
So it’ll come as…

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