Bruichladdich DNA 3rd Edition MCMLXXXV

Bruichladdich DNA 3rd Edition.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this one with us.

Little bit worried about posting this one. It has a history, and I have a history of reviewing them before.

So back in the day, Bruichladdich had a revitalization. Their casks weren’t the best they could be, so they sourced a lot of wine casks to finish them in. However not all of the casks needed replacing. And some of the best casks were married together for a specific series called “DNA”.

Bruichladdich DNA 3rd Edition MCMLXXXV specifically is made up of ex-bourbon casks and the last of the best sherry butts.

So that’s a lot to remember and keep up with.

Me? Oh, I posted my last review of a DNA and was called out since a) It’s crazy and you won’t believe my review unless you have it and b) it’s the Internet and that’s what happens here.

So when the next dram of the day came out and was Bruichladdich DNA 3rd Edition MCMLXXXV, I was both overjoyed to have it, appreciative others were around, and deeply worried about the eventual post.

Oh well. Let’s see how this one compares with the 4th edition, shall we?

Price: N/A

Region: Islay

Distillation Date: 1985

Age: 25 years

Abv: 50.1%

Colour: 5YR 5/8

Nose: Molasses, shopping for a leather jacket, raspberry, peach, raisin, mace, butter

Immediate, strong, powerful new leather smell. Just fills you with excitement and the need to skin a cow or sheep alive to then beat the shit out of it’s skin and wear it, Silence of the Lambs style.

Do you think that sentence is pretty? I think that sentence is pretty.

Lots of leather, big punchy fruit notes, and this wonderful molasses note. Smells like a fruit cake that hasn’t gone in the oven yet.

Taste: Hot Cross buns (Mace, cinnamon, brown sugar), raisin, leather, banana, plum

Wait a second. Mace, cinnamon, and brown sugar are all in Hot Cross Buns! Also raisins can be too. I know. This just keeps developing.

Interestingly enough, DNA 4 had this constantly gaining fruit notes that were hard to explain. This one? The build up of yeasty, spicy, raisin filled bread just keeps coming with each sip.

There’s also this really cool funk going on. They somehow share the taste at the same time. Really, really good dram.

Finish: Yeast, pear, leather, oak, brine, cloves, oak, herbal/bay leaf

At first I’m a tad worried that the finish is falling apart, however it has all these different flavours in it that /u/lasidar has to get me stopped. Which is for the best, as he understands that DNA 4 had the same issue, yet doesn’t want too many complains.

Lots of flavours. Finishes like a black arts, though not as complex at the end of the day.

Conclusion: I think I liked 4 better, however this is high quality sherry casks done right. Whiskies in really, really good sherry casks from the past have this leather note that’s hard to get right.

Not to mention a good funk on the flavour, pure hot cross buns on the taste, amazing memory inducing leather notes on the nose. It’s not as complex as, say Bruichladdich Black Arts 2 or Bruichladdich DNA 4, however it’s up there. And well worth the dram.

Very well put together dram.


Scotch review #694, Islay review #151, Whisky Network review #1155

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