Compass Box 3 Deluxe

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Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this one with us.

Compass Box 3 Deluxe. Sounds like we’re missing, right? Yeah, I typically remove the word “years old” in my reviews. Why? Because I need to be different, as that’s what I was told when I was a kid.

Compass Box feels that the current rules for blended whisky should be changed, allowing them to explain exactly what goes into their blended whiskies. The SWA feels different. As such, they brought out a new whisky that follows the rules, with the age statement of the youngest whisky in the mix.

How much 3 year old whisky is in it? Less than 1%. However even a teaspoon of this distillery from the distillery near Brora means you have to say the age of said teaspoon. Which makes sense, however not being able to say what it is or the low amount hurts that argument.

Another 90% also comes from that distillery and is older, and the last 9% comes from the Isle of Skye.

So it’s Clynelish mixed with Talisker. Cool. They’ve made their point. Again. Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Blend

Total Bottles: 3,282

Bottled: August 2016

Abv: 49.2%

Colour: 10YR 8/6

Nose: Wax, nectarine, brine, malt, pear, cereal

Yeah, it’s Clynelish. Initial big ole blast of wax. Wish they had used a cask near the village of Brora that was a sherry cask, however made that’s not in the cards.

Brine is an interesting add. There’s no strong peat, however the brine is an interesting add. Otherwise it’s just cereal and pear.

Taste: Wax, honey, apple, smoke, cumin, caramel

More wax, then some honey and apple. It’s Clynelish. The smoke and cumin are adding a little more to it, and I wish there was more of it. It’s coming across as an ex-bourbon Clynelish, which given that’s 90% of it… should I be surprised?

Finish: Smoke, cereal, brine, earth, dry pear

Dry finish, some brine, some smoke, pretty similar as the above.

So… how about those local sports teams? They won half their games, eh?

Conclusion: It’s a nice Clynelish but it needs work. The smoke adds some interesting flavours, and I get the idea behind it, however I do wish the actual whisky behind the argument was good.

If you’re like me, and feel that Clynelish ex-bourbon casks need a little extra, go for it. For me it’s a pass. I agree with the political sentiment, I just want something different from the whisky.


Scotch review #695, Blend review #75, Whisky Network reviews #1156

3 thoughts on “Compass Box 3 Deluxe

  1. Had this two times so far, once at a local whisky bar and once at a friend’s place. Personally, I absolutely loved the Three Year Old Deluxe and was deeply impressed by its depth, character and fruitiness. While I have yet to find a Compass Box bottling I don’t enjoy, this one ranks among my very faves from John Glaser & Co.

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