Tobermory 21 1995 The Whisky Agency

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This year has been interesting and a time of new “firsts” for me. No, I didn’t get drilled in the ass, however thanks for asking.

One of the actual things I accomplished is I was part of a group that released their own bottling. And for that, I’m quite proud, even if I played a small part (I helped okay the dram at a tasting, it’s a tough life for me).

So let’s break down each portion of this one, because I can: Heads & Tails is a importer in Canada, and one of two total. They focus on bringing in whiskies that they only feel are good enough to be in their own shelves.

After meeting with myself, /u/devoz , and /u/muaddib99 , the company head had an idea of what to choose for us. It wasn’t easy, as our tastes are quite different. And I’m typically incorrect, or “wrong”, as we’ve learned from the TWS.

None the less, we ended up trying Tobermory 21 1995 The Whisky Agency, a 21 year old whisky from Tobermory that had been aged in ex-bourbon.

I’m finding myself enjoying more and more ex-bourbon casks, as when they are unique, they can be odder than the oddest cask that ever held fish. #lifegoals.

Finally, there’s the label. It’s a little known fact that the train is a powerful symbol of Canada. It connected our country for the first time, making it an actual country. It’s hard being this big. #bigcountryproblems.

It’s also a source of pain for some Canadians, as Asian immigrants worked in horrible, deadly conditions while it was worked upon, usually being paid a third less than white, black, and native workers.

As such, it’s a source of pride and a source of pain for Canada, embedded into our country’s history. Also the picture looks cool and there’s snow. #toneshift.

But how does the whisky taste? Let’s dive into that, shall we?

Price: $239.99 CAD at Kensington Wine Market

Region: Island

Distilled: 1995

Matured in a Hogshead

Abv: 51.9%

Colour: 5Y 9/6

Nose: Lemoncello, brine, white chocolate, roast corn, peat/cinnamon

Acidic, sweet, and complex. The peat on this is list, thus the name staying as Tobermory and not changing to Ledaig. #confusingwhisky

Nice smoke to it that’s become more vegetal. The peat and cinnamon don’t come in until later.

Taste: Brine, cocoa, cinnamon, coconut, pear juice, honey

Again the peat has become more complex given time. Nice amount of spice and cocoa to it. Earthy, subtle, however still nice enough for a peat head. Almost has a virgin cask aspect to it as well.

So lightly spiced and cocoa. Like having truffles. #bourgeois

Finish: Milk chocolate, peat, vanilla floral, woody, molasses

Long finish on this, with lots and lots of chocolate. The peat isn’t too strong here. Has wonderful vanilla aspects. It’s not too complex, however it’s quite tasty.

Conclusion: A dram that is filled with simple flavours that are distinct, though subtle. Initially drinking this can make you scratch your head. Is this that good? However the nose complexity keeps you going.

The taste and finish are filled with earth and smoke. My father, who is not a peat fan, even came back for a second sip. This is well developed, and well worth picking up.

Good luck to us for finding a follow up. Oh, wait, just burned myself. #dammit.


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