Bowmore No. 1

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Was on vacation, and out on the town. So we stopped into the Griffin Gastropub, because we stop in at pubs on vacation.

And while they have an amazing array of beers, I wasn’t so much feeling a beer. Again, not for lack of selection. More so because I was bloated. And on my period.

Yeah, I’m a guy, why?

Anyway, so I walked in, and notice a whisky I’ve never had. Thus I must order it, otherwise I’m not truly a person anymore in my own mind. Note I don’t apply this to anyone else. Because that’d be being a jerk. So I am a jerk to me. Yeah, I’m working on it, and you should too. Love yourself.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, on vacation. So I walk in, and see Bowmore No. 1. What does that mean? Well at Bowmore they have a vault named No. 1. You can take a virtual tour over at their website.

So does this come from there? Well yes, however don’t get too excited yet. This was named after the vault, and specifically a NAS offering of first-fill bourbon Bowmore. It’s not going to break the bank. However there’s more legendary products that come out of the vaults.

This replaces the Bowmore Small Batch, best known for being a Bowmore that says “Small Batch” on it.

I knew none of this going in, and mostly needed to sit down and relax on vacation. So let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Bowmore No 1 1.jpg

Price: $59.95 CAD at the LCBO

Region: Islay

Abv: 40%

Colour: 10YR 8/8

Nose: Malt, caramel popcorn, peat, salted pork, pleather

Interesting nose. Nice strong malt and caramel notes mixed with a buttery/popcorn note. Like the salted pork.

However… there’s something there that keeps creeping up like that guy who is too drunk and thinks humping air is how you attract a mate. It’s not leather. It’s pleather. That slightly plastic difference is there.

Taste: Soft peat, brine, malt, limeade

And here we have a perfect example of good casks, low abv. The malt continues, however the peat is more rounded, any caramel is gone, any interesting salt is devolved, and the acid is sugary and weaker.

That said, the malt is nice, and there’s no real off notes. Just doesn’t measure up to the nose, is all.

Finish: Peat, caramel, salt, margarine

Nice finish. Again, it’s simple, there’s some nice mix of brine, caramel, and peat. There’s some margarine, light butter too.

It’s just not the nose, you get me?

Conclusion: A nice dram for the price. Let’s be honest: This wasn’t brought out to wow me, it was brought out to have a nice nose to bring people in, be simple caramel/salt on the taste, and not be a peat monster.

It’s a daily dram. Probably one of the better ones that Bowmore has brought out, if I’m being honest here. Is it for whisky nerds? Only if you’re looking for something to drink over the weekend up at the cottage (that doesn’t mean gay buttsex here people from the UK).

Otherwise it’s a pass.


Scotch review #713, Islay review #158, Whisky Network reviews #1179

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