Bowmore No. 1

Was on vacation, and out on the town. So we stopped into the Griffin Gastropub, because we stop in at pubs on vacation. And while they have an amazing array of beers, I wasn’t so much feeling a beer. Again, not for lack of selection. More so because I was bloated. And on my period. Yeah, […]

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Auchentoshan 21 [MYSTERY]

Thank you to /u/scotchable for this mystery sample Mysteries: I’m bad at them, and can’t guess a damn. However I always do them when I receive them, otherwise we’re all going to forget it and waste whisky. No one wants that. Also, spoiler: Got this one wrong, even though I’ve had it before. Been a few years. […]

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Wayne Gretzky Whisky Hat Trick

I recently visited Wayne Gretzky distillery of my own accord. Well, it was actually in a Mazda, but let’s not hurt that last sentence too much, I thought it sounded cool. I wrote up all I learned and saw and what my wife took pictures of here. Feel free to read it or ignore. That […]

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