Macallan 15 1992 Murray McDavid

Second night of tasting, second night of taking time away from the pile of Bruichladdich Port Charlotte samples that scream out all at once and then continue screaming because my tongue hasn’t shot laser beams at them yet. What, how do you taste whisky? So I sat down, and /u/devoz offered me a Macallan. Pretty nice on […]

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Amrut 8 Greedy Angels II

Whisky has had an interesting effect on culture. Let’s take religion, and the use of the term “Angel’s Share”. Before people really understood alcohol and how it evaporated, they made up an idea that the angel’s were stealing some of it. Now either they really believed this or someone who’s a lot more witty than […]

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Amrut Spectrum 004

Took a break from doing multi reviews of a whole bunch of Port Charlotte. And of course, by “took a break”, I mean I showed up to a tasting, where additional whisky was being served. Amrut Spectrum 004 is the second Spectrum on the market, made by those wacky Indian whisky makers out in… well, India. […]

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