Old Pulteney 15 2002 Single Cask

Old Pulteney 15 2002 Single Cask.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz and /u/throzen for the sample.

I think it’s easy to say that 2017, for all it’s hiccups and odd points and generally signalling the descent of the Western world, I can say that I spent more time enjoying Old Pulteney in general.

So for all of you either dying to climate change, lower economies that favour the ultra rich and eat away at the middle class, or generally don’t have any way to heal yourself and your family, don’t worry: I found a distillery that I enjoyed more.

If you can’t tell, that last part is sarcasm and I’m personally screaming out at the world. However the written word is so poor at conveying that. Or at least my written word.

None the less, let’s look on the bright side: I get to try a new single cask of Old Pulteney! This one was picked up by Keg N Cork. Or at least picked out.

Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Price: $170 CAD, exclusive to Keg N Cork Liquor Company

Region: Highland

Distilled: 2002

Bottled: 2017

Cask No. 709

Bottle No. 093 of 240

Abv: 56%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Grapefruit, cardamon, roast chestnuts, lemon cheesecake

Initial nose is tart, though immediately takes that citrus note and goes more spicy with it. Eventually that goes more roasted and nutty.

Some what brings it all together with a citrus/cream combination that signals it’s cheesecake time, which means my ankles inherently tensed for the added weight.

Taste: Apricot, orangecicle, cinnamon, molasses, grains, amber honey

Subtle taste on this one. Initially it’s quite a bit of citrus, evolving with some more spice as time goes on.

If you’re a fan of honey/cereal notes, then some patience will pay off here. Granted if you’re used to getting something made by living hypodermic needles with wings that have a hive mind, perhaps you already understand patience.

Finish: Brine, cream, floral, heather, grass, lemon, caramel, banana

If we were wondering where the Old Pulteney brine was, it was laying in weight, not unlike an Inquisition from Spain. The finish is simpler but crazy all over the place. The grass notes, the brine, and the cream/fruit from before is there.

Basically the finish declares that this is an Old Pulteney, incase you became illiterate while drinking. As we all have at some point during our adult lives.

Conclusion: A stellar, great cask from a distillery that continues to surprise me, even in 2018 (even though I had this in 2017 and I’m WAY behind).

The nose is quite complex. The taste is an exercise in subtle flavours that works, though only if you like different citrus. In this case I did, however I’m also a sucker for honey (it’s a medical condition).

Finally the finish fits in all the Old Pulteney flavours just to make sure the label wasn’t lying. Overall a stellar pick, good price (not factored into my score, just thought I’d mention), and good quality overall.


Scotch review #793, Highland review #131, Whisky Network review #1299

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