William Larue Weller (2014)

Thanks to /u/devoz for the sample. So we’re at a tasting. And I’m told that the next one is William Larue Weller (2014). And like any other reviewer in my shoes, I reacted appropriately. “Well shit.” You see, the last time I reviewed a William Larue Weller, I thought it was pretty good. And because I didn’t immediately […]

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Hellyers Road Original

So I’m at a tasting. And I showed up with a whisky to lower everyone’s overall scores. This was requested. I bought my bottle of Hellyers Road Original on a whim. I hadn’t had an Aussie whisky ever. Wait, is that English? Let’s try this again. Me not have Australian whisky yet. Then I forgot about it. […]

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Mac Albert

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for this mystery sample. As a break from getting through some of my whisky samples, I was offered a mystery sample before a whisky tasting. You know, to relax. So he poured myself and /u/devoz a mystery dram of Mac Albert whisky. This whisky is imported from Scotland to the Dominican Republic, where it’s blended with local matured […]

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Ardmore SMWS 66.73 “Midnight feast at the pony club camp”

Thanks to /u/Catharticintent and /u/xile_ for samples of this dram. Yup, traded for it twice. I’m smart with a capital D. This is a continuation of my ongoing series that I’m calling “Scotch Malts, Wife’s Selection”, in which my wife goes through my backlog of SMWS (Scotch Malt Whisky Society) samples that I haven’t reviewed yet, pours them blind, and […]

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Tomatin 28 1982 Single Cask

Each year I need to remind myself how old I am. I forget the year until I check my ID. To help me, I typically ask around and find a few samples from the birth year. Then I review them around my birthday. It helps. Tomatin 28 1982 Single Cask was released in 2011. From what […]

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Longrow 12 1996 Oloroso Single Cask

Thanks to /u/devoz for the sample. So Springbank owns Springbank, Longrow, and Hazelburn. In addition, the whole thing is owned by Cadenheads. To add confusion, they helped supply the capital for Glengyle, one of three Campbeltown distilleries, however have nothing to do with Glen Scotia, the other one. Following along? Okay. So Cadenheads sells to everyone and […]

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