Laphroaig 25 2008

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Finally we’re onto my entry for the Laphroaig series, “To Quaff a Laphroaig”. We all had Laphroaigs, we all had time, we opened them up, and then drank them. Not at once though, because that would be silly.

I’m not the kind of whisky drinker who typically buys high end whisky. I wish I was: However the raising prices means I’m typically sticking to samples, not being the whisky reviewer who is “up” on all the new whiskies, etc.

That said, last year the stars lined up, and I was able to obtain Laphroaig 25 2008. Why not just aim for a newer Laphroaig 25, right? Because that wasn’t part of the deal.

Also I happened to be buying Irish Whiskey in Ireland and didn’t have room for the newest one. Or as much disposable income, regardless of the cheaper price.

Laphroaig 25 2008 is a cask strength whisky made up of ex-bourbon American oak casks and Oloroso sherry casks.

All of which I was looking for a reason to open. Because as much as I like how it looks on the shelf, whisky like this is meant to be drank.

So let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Price: No longer available

Region: Islay

Cask Type: Sherry butt and ex-bourbon

Abv: 50.9%

Colour: 10YR 6/8

Nose: Figs, raspberry, freshly squeezed orange juice, tangerine, roasted pine nuts

Nose has that rich, wonderful fruitiness that needs time when using Oloroso sherry casks. Big fruitiness.

Lovely balance on this, and the fruit just keeps coming. Glad I gave this time to open up.

Taste: Tangerine lassie, Pad Thai, caramel cheesecake, Oreo ice cream, raspberry syrup, being in a pine forest

Great mouthfeel is the first thing I notice. Like a good milkshake. Almost. It’ll bring people to the yard, and yes it’s worth the charge.

Goes from nuttiness, to creaminess, to lots of sweets. Eventually there’s this massive sense of pine, which is interesting in a dram this old. It comes out with just the slightest amount of water, and dumps you in the forest. At least this time you’re not naked and expected to outrun hillbillies.

Finish: Peach drink, brine, mint, anise cookies, sea air, rock melon

Interesting finish. More acidic, more brine, and more sharp flavours. It’s medium in length, with the biggest complexity being the spice aspects.

While it’s hard to compare to the taste, I do enjoy the finish. It took some time to really enjoy it.

Conclusion: This is the type of dram that you drink over an hour, enjoying every second of it. The nose is rich and fruity. Like hitting up a proper farmer’s market in a tropical area. Assuming that’s your thing.

The taste is what you come for. A thick, wonderful flavoured milkshake of pure happiness. Hard to explain, hard to really say anything about it other than “very fun”.

The finish was interesting. It goes in a different direction. There’s still some dessert aspects, however it has those spice and brine elements being front and centre rather than those sweet aspects.

Worth it. Get yourself a bottle, if you have the chance. I’m sure glad I did.


Scotch review #819, Islay review #199, Whisky Network review #1330

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