Macallan Select Oak [RE-REVIEW]

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Thanks to scotchguy_to for sharing this sample!

So I’m at this tasting. And if you’re ever at a tasting, with people who understand how to do tastings right, you’ll have a whisky to open up your taste buds.

Which for me means something inexpensive, and typically a Speyside. And to help out my writing, I review this dram.

Thus we started with Macallan Select Oak, which fits the bill perfectly. Macallan Select Oak is part of the 1824 collection, specifically for the travel market. It’s a combination of first-fill Oloroso European sherry cask whisky and American oak casks that had previously held either more Oloroso or bourbon.

Which is interesting. This almost seems like a NAS version of the Fine Oak line, which typically have an age statement, are a higher proof, and can’t be found in some places.

Granted recently the demand for Macallan has seen more and more NAS releases, so perhaps this is another one of them without having to reinvent the wheel.

However if we keep thinking about it, the poor dram will evaporate as I chase my tail. So let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Price: £69.95 on the travel retail market

Region: Speyside

Abv: 40%

Colour: 10YR 7/8

Nose: Caramel, raisin, orange, sugar cookie

Light nose. Very light. Took some time to really parse it apart.

There’s what you’d expect from Oloroso casks with orange and raisin. Lots of sweet notes. Good balance given the amount of Oloroso used, however it’s pretty light so you may miss it.

Taste: Raisin, brown sugar, cucumber, peach

Watery taste, quite light. That said, there’s an interesting mixture of vegetal and brown sugar, almost like a savoury casserole.

Which after having an apple/turnip one last Thanksgiving, I can say it’s having dessert and pretending you’re eating healthy.

Finish: Brine, orange, raisin, brown sugar, leaves

Interesting brine at the end, however it’s a continue of more brown sugar and some vegetal notes.

Conclusion: A simple dram that’s been lowered too much or didn’t have the strength and thus they lowered the abv. and dropped it on the travel marked. Honestly it’s not a rough dram by any stretch, and I’ve certainly had worse.

There is something here. It’s faint, it’s light, most people will think it’s smooth. It was nice to open up the palate to start a tasting. If you saw it at a wedding, you could sip it all night and have whisky. Otherwise it’s a pass from me.


Scotch review #854, Speyside review #242, Whisky Network review #1373

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