1792 Full Proof

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Thanks to my friend Cliff for sharing a dram of this one.

I missed all the hullabaloo about 1792 and the naming. So much so, that when I first posted, I kept in the part that they had to take out, what with the suing and the lawyers and hoiven-pretty lady!

Look up Jerry Lewis’ comedy if you don’t get that last part. Oh, and apologies if he too has done something horrible in the past that we only found out about in the future that was horrible. And apologies to his family for adding that in with no proof at this time of that at all.

Really I love his comedy, that’s what I’m saying, and I’m using a joke. Then I’m overexplaining it because if I don’t, someone will be offended and I’ll get tweeted at.

Alright, so I missed all the rough stuff and jumped right to the bourbon. Which makes me more privileged than normal, as I didn’t have bias to throw me off. Thus when I found out that 1792 Full Proof was one of their limited editions, and being the kind of gent who thinks “strongest booze is best booze” in typical situations, I was excited.

And when I had some sent to me by my buddy Cliff, I was even more excited. So this whiskey is the same proof as the entry proof of the spirit into the virgin cask. And if that doesn’t perk your ears, then we’re going to the park. Who wants to go to the park? You do, don’t you? Yeah!

But first, let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

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Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 62.5%

Colour: 7.5YR 5/8

Nose: Butter, fresh coconut, white peach, peanut, tea biscuit, vanilla/oak

Big nose on this one. Lot more brash than the single barrel was. Or Single Barrel. Can’t decide the name I should use.

There’s some dry notes, coconut, even some burnt flour in there. Water simmers it down, almost too much? Or perhaps that was the trade off, and this didn’t take water well, so they left it. None the less, water simplifies it a lot, with vanilla/oak being the main flavours that dominate.

Taste: Caramel, carrot, hot, lemon funk, thyme

Hot. My buddy Cliff likes them hot (make your own jokes here) and this is that. Brash, lots of funk (which I love, though not used to them in bourbon) and some herbal notes.

Interesting. I wish it had some of the interesting flavours from the nose rather than uppercutting me, though some may prefer this, and it’s certainly cheaper than jaw surgery (in the US).

Finish: Coconut, cereal, brown butter, oak, sage, coffee

Lovely finish. Like some sort of high end coffee drink with alcohol. Nutty too, and borrows the best of both the finish and taste.

No joke there. It’s just lovely to sip on.

Conclusion: An interesting, if dry nose, followed by a simple, brash, too strong taste, and then a finish that makes up for it all.

Really at the end of the day, this bourbon does a lot of different things. So perhaps it’s great in that regard alone. For me it was good, better than the standard, fun to try, however I preferred the Single Barrel for being more balanced. This is a shotgun blast hitting everything, and the Single barrel is a well placed shot from a rifle by a Polish farmer who just wants the Russian army off his or her front lawn.

Nice to try, try before you buy. I’d consider buying a bottle.


Bourbon review #218, Kentucky review #137, Whiskey Network review #1408

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