Kilchoman 100% Islay – 5th Edition

The day started with one of Islay’s established distilleries that started in 1815. So a bookend to it would be ending with one of Islay’s newest distilleries, Kilchoman. So I’ve never had Kilchoman 100% Islay – 5th Edition and was interested in it. I hadn’t had many of them, only having reviewed the third edition. And not […]

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Ardbeg 23

So we hit the end of our four Ardbeg drams at Ardbeg Day 2018: An Oa, Dark Cove, Kelpie, and then Ardbeg Grooves. We had pulled pork for lunch, the day was nice, and our fellow drinkers were a great group to have a few drams with. Then we’re lead outside into the spacious, cool […]

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Ardbeg Grooves

This year I was lucky enough to attend Ardbeg Day. Typically I’m not able, as it’s usually the same day as my wedding anniversary. Thus it’s a little difficult to convince my wife that we should go drink whisky. Don’t get me wrong: She likes a nip of whisky here or there and likes a […]

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Ardbeg An Oa

As a lead up to the Ardbeg Day release this year, we were able to try a lineup of past whiskies that have been released in the past few years. Included in these was Ardbeg An Oa, the last addition to the lineup from Ardbeg in quite awhile. But why add something? A lot of whisky […]

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Premium Bottlers Vatted Malt GLLS 101

Thanks to /u/slackerdude for this sample. I was digging through some old samples and found one from quite a while ago. Premium Bottlers Vatted Malt GLLS 101 is different, that’s for certain. The company, Premium Bottlers, would eventually go on to become a distillery here in Ontario, Canada. They make their own whisky under the name Still Water Distillery, […]

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Dalmore 18

I keep coming back to Dalmore. Most people would ask why. Heck, lots of people asked why I bought a sample of Dalmore 18 when I had my last chance at ordering Master of Malt into the US. Simply put, I truly believe all distilleries have at least one offering for me to enjoy. I’ve found them […]

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The Whisky Agency’s House Malt 17

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample. A lot of people these days are discovering the beauty of blind reviews. Removing the marketing behind something has some benefits. If they want you to think a certain way, it removes that thought. You can try a whisky without any preconceived notions. Granted it does raise other issues: It makes […]

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