Kilchoman 5 2009 Original Cask Strength

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Thanks to /u/cake_my_day for this sample.

Ongoing series called “There will be Kilchoman till the score is paid”, in which I review Kilchoman until I run out of Kilchoman.

It’s a simple concept.

Kilchoman 5 2009 Original Cask Strength is part of what I think may be a regular limited release from Kilchoman. You see, there’ve been two Original Cask Strengths. This is the first one. This one was made up of 35 ex-bourbon casks, all of which were aged for five years.

For a distillery that doesn’t shy away from different casks, it’s an interesting idea of trying the spirit without anything done to it… well, beyond the typical vatting and expert hand of the distiller and master blender. You know, those minor things. Is there a sarcasm font? Cause that needs a sarcasm font.

It’s pretty straightforward. Let’s learn from that, and see how it tastes, shall we?

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Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Islay

Vintage: 2009

Bottled: 2014

Cask Type: Ex-bourbon barrels

Number of Bottles: 9,200

Abv: 59.2%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Grass fire, sourbracht, cocoa, butter, red liquorice

Interesting nose. It starts out with lots and lots of charcoal. Reminds me of being near a grass fire when the train catches it through a spark.

Yes, I lived in the boonies, why do you ask?

Lovely cocoa and butter once you add some water. More red fruits on the nose once you’ve had some time with the dram.

Taste: Peat, dry pear, caramel, anise, coal/cocoa, lemon candy

Great big peat and dry pear to smack you in the face. It’s quite strong, which.. duh, it’s cask strength.

Some more cola and cocoa once water is added, and the pear goes more acidic and sweet to balance it all out.

Finish: Butter, oak, grass, strawberry, burnt leaves, basil

Again, burnt notes pop up here. Tasted as is this is more of an oak bomb, with water aligning it with the “we’re burning stuff” theme we have going on.

Conclusion: Strong coal flavours. It can get a bit much over time. It’s almost like that’s the one note you get too much. Almost.

It’s on that line. I enjoyed drinking this, however, I think they went for a burnt offering feel more than a treating me like a god feel that others have done.

What do you mean those things line up? Dammit.

Joking aside, I enjoyed the standard Kilchoman flavour profile here that’s been left to grow. There is some char that gets in the way, and as such, I wouldn’t personally buy a bottle. If you like BBQ or burnt toast or well-done steak (I’m trying not to judge the last two) then you may love this dram.


Scotch review #903, Islay review #236, Whisky Network review #1441

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