Glengoyne 12

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Thanks to /u/Davyj0ne5  for this dram

So here’s an issue. Each year, there are standard whiskies that come out. And the same ones come out time and time, which makes sense. And then independent releases changeup.

So as a whisky reviewer you end up starting with the standard, OB releases. Which is fine. It’s a good place to start. It’s easier to do. It’s less expensive.

And there’s plenty to drink. You figure out exactly what you enjoy drinking. I personally stuck to that for quite a long time.

And here’s where the sad complaining begins. I eventually had tried the lion’s share of entry drams from most distilleries. At least the ones I could find at bars. Which leaves me with reviewing independent bottlings of older and unique whiskies. Which screws with your outlook.

Thus I’m quite happy to be returning to earth for a little bit and reviewing Glengoyne 12. This completely unpeated whisky (which according to Master of Malt is rare, something new to me, granted I’m not too versed in Highland whiskies) is the second youngest release. The whisky is well known for being affordable and is one of the few that I run into that has a step-by-step age statement groups that are still around. Most have decided to have three releases, whereas Glengoyne has stuck with the four, as well as a cask strength offering.

Not to mention they happen to have three stills, whereas, according to Malt Madness, most places have an even number.

As well they happen to be located right on the border of the Lowlands and Highlands, something that used to be more normal, however as distilleries close, they become unique for that too. Only a 30-minute taxi ride from Glasgow, it turns out, so you can visit easily.

So we have a distillery that likes to be unique. But what about the taste of Glengoyne 12, their second youngest offering? Let’s see, shall we?

EDIT: Looking into it further, the 12 uses the following:

  • 20% 1st fill European Oak Sherry.
  • 20% 1st Fill American Oak Bourbon
  • 60% Hand-selected quality Oak Refill casks.

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Price: $84.95 CAD at the LCBO

Region: Highland

Abv: 43%

Colour: 10YR 8/10

Nose: Butter, floral, vanilla, nectarine

Buttery and floral. If you’re looking for sherry, the 12 is not going to give you that. It’s a simple, ex-bourbon cask. Opens you up to vanilla and stone fruit flavours.

And then you’ll hunt for an entire year for ex-bourbon whiskies and subtle notes. And then you’ll be a snob like me.

Taste: Peach syrup, oak, butter, asparagus

Sweeter than the nose, the stone fruit is front and centre and brought it’s pal diabetes along.

That said, this won’t be a super sweet tooth situation. More so lots of grassiness and vegetal/oak aspects.

Finish: Caramel, mint, grassy, anise, apple

Finish, again, starts with sweet and then goes to grass. That said there’s some nice spice here. It opens up more and more at the end.

Conclusion: Simple. Yes, there’s going to be Autumn fruits, spice, and caramel. There is a nice selection of butter and vanilla. It comes out of the ex-bourbon casks nicely.

Are you going to go out of your mind for this? No. It’s slightly better and more rounded than the Glengoyne 10. So if you find it too rough or want more Glengoyne in your life, this works. Oh and I think I may be off by a couple points on each, but that’s not really the point: The point is to read the in-depth thoughts here.


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