Kilchoman 10 2007 KWM Single Cask

Kilchoman 10 2007 KWM Single Cask 2.jpg

I recently did a whole bunch of Kilchoman reviews and was happy they were done. Not in an “I hate that distillery” way, but in a “yay, I’ve reviewed a lot, and therefore accomplished something” way.

As part of wrapping it up, I was privileged enough to try two picks from Kensington Wine Market. Originally it was going to be three picks. There was sadly a mixup and a friend picked me up the incorrect sample.

Well, I eventually was able to pick up the correct sample, however well after some other reviews (just a few). So I’m happy to dive back into it today with Kilchoman 10 2007 KWM Single Cask.

Up until Feis Ile this year 10-year-old Kilchoman was the oldest Kilchoman on the market. This was bottled before the eleven-year-old was released, so good news: It was once one of the oldest!

Pure ex-bourbon barrel. We’ve had lots of three, four, and five-year Kilchoman; how does a ten-year-old malt taste? Let’s see, shall we?

Kilchoman 10 2007 KWM Single Cask 1.jpg

Price: $199.99 CAD at Kensington Wine Market

Region: Islay

Vintage: 2007

Bottled: 2017

Cask Type: Ex-bourbon barrel

Cask Number: 255/2007

Outrun: 212 bottles

Abv: 56.6%

Colour: 5Y 9/6

Nose: Orange Madeline, caramel, nectarine, grassy, ginger

Starts out a little different. It’s not a big peat bomb. More of a baked orange flavour is there. Lots of citrus.

Citrus is the main thing going on here. Water brings out grass and ginger, however, this is quite light. Blind and without tasting, I couldn’t find any peat.

Taste: Butter, grassy, caramel, basil, banana

So the good: It’s buttery and grassy. I love that combo. It slowly evolves into a caramel.

The not-so-good? It’s quite simple. Yes, it’s only ten-years-old. However, I’ve had some younger Kilchoman with more going on. Water adds more dimension to it.

Finish: Anisette, nectarine, butter, pecan, brine

Ah, here we go. Starts with that well-developed peat/anise flavour that you get in some peated malts. At first, it’s a short finish, and we want more. Then water comes in, you get this great pecan butter combo, with just a bit of salt.

So water makes this way better. Stronger. Frankly, it’s lost without water.

Conclusion: Muted, some water maker for a long finish. However, I’m a tad concerned after reviewing these different whiskies. Kilchoman was, according to rumours I’ve heard, made to be good at a young age. And we’ve seen it tastes quite nice at ages that other distilleries can’t dream of.

However after having this one, and the 7 year, they are going to run into a bit of an issue. Based on these few anecdotal times, and my own personal preferences, there’s a chance the malt becomes muted at older ages. Luckily the 10 year Club Release was strong, otherwise, I’d start being more paranoid.

This was nice for what it was. And there’re people who’ve mentioned they enjoyed this more than me. Perhaps I like my Kilchoman ballsy. Oh well.


Scotch review #931, Islay review #247, Whisky Network reviews #1484

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