Invergordon 24 1993 The Good Spirits Co.

Invergordon 24 The Good Spirits Co.jpg

Thanks to a good friend for sharing these drams!

Two distilleries from Scotland that I’ve never had a whisky from in one tasting? What is it, my birthday?

Nah, if it was my birthday the grain distillery option would be over 30 years old. Anything less is iffy at my age, to be honest.

Invergordon, for those of you like me who was in the dark, started in 1961, and used just one column still. Eventually, the story will go that they used it uphill, both ways, in the snow, every day.

Invergordon is the only grain whisky distillery not owned by a member of SWA, they are also the only grain whisky distillery that’s not close to the Lowland.

So the question comes up: What’s a grain whisky taste like when it’s from the Highlands, versus the Lowlands? Let’s see with Invergordon 24 1993 The Good Spirits Co., shall we?

Please note that single grain whiskies are weird, and being around people the first time they try a single grain whisky is proof their’s magic in the world.

Price: No longer available

Region: Highland

Bottle No. 34 of 120

Cask Type: PX Sherry cask

Abv: 48.2%

Colour: 2.5Y 5/6

Nose: Fruit bread, bubblegum, cream soda, charred chimichurri

Interesting cooked fruit/cooked flour note. And then… some really sweet, almost fake notes. It’s really odd.

Water brings out a herbal, burnt factor. So yeah, weird.

Taste: Lots of bubblegum, espresso, limeade, oak/cinnamon

Wow. Bubblegum espresso. Before our companies force it into the marketplace and all the toddlers go insane and eat us alive, thus resetting the Earth.

Like I said, single grain whiskies are crazy. After this, for a slight second, you start believing in flat earth and other nutso shit.

Finish: Charred baked beans, floral, cream cheese, zucchini flower, smoke

Earthy sweet, floral, and smoke. Almost creamy and still quite odd, though I’ve noted smoke and zucchini flower on the finish.

Conclusion: Weird. Overall crazy type. Is this the norm? No idea, this is the first one I’ve had.

The PX has added a red fruit influence here, but the single grain comes in strong with a bubblegum. I applaud the fact this tastes this interesting after 24 years. Frankly, I typically avoid any single grain under 30 years, as they don’t typically have the complexity. This certainly does something above its pay grade. That said, it’s crazy, so be prepared for that.

And stay off YouTube for a week after drinking it. There are some nut jobs on there.


Scotch review #957, Highland review #162, Whisky Network review #1510

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