Buffalo Trace 12 Single Barrel Toddy’s Store Pick [MYSTERY]

Buffalo Trace 12 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/orehnmadgib for the sample.

To pair with my last mystery review, in which I got the whiskey correct, I’ll now have one that I was so off, I couldn’t turn on any lights in my apartment for days, less my visage reminds me of the failure of trying to figure out this whiskey.

Well no, while I have self-confidence issues, I’m not that hard on myself. About my whiskey reviews. About my general ability to provide for my family and looks maybe, but my whiskey reviews? These are for fun.

Until someone eventually states I’m a shill who sells his reviews and probably doesn’t even taste the whiskey. But that hasn’t happened in a while, so I should be good.

Which brings us to Buffalo Trace 12 Single Barrel Toddy’s Store Pick. If I didn’t review this blind, and then see other reviews of how odd it was, I’d think my brain was super broken.

But it’s a single cask bourbon, how odd can it be, right? Oh, just wait and see.

Buffalo Trace 12 1.jpg

Price: I don’t know.. the website has no price

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 45%

Colour: 10YR 6/8

Nose: Grapefruit, Passion Flakie, wheat, butterscotch

100% fruit. So odd I have my wife nose it. Yeah, tons of acidic fruit. And sweet. There’s some cereal, but this is super fruity. And sweet.

Red wine finish? Yeah, must be.

Taste: Peach drink, grassy, juniper, caramel, orange

Wow, it’s like a fruity gin almost. Almost. It’s somewhat herbal. There’s a bit of juniper. Fruit is still the majority here, like white people in Orania. It’s a lot less awkward though.

Like a lot.

Grassy element. It’s not just a fruit bomb.

Finish: Peach, raspberry, peppery, papaya, cloves

Fruit and peppery with lots of cloves notes. Again, this is very similar to red wine cask influences.

No joke, but have black pepper on fresh strawberries. It works. Not 100% to be something you crave, but as something that pairs well with a rich red wine. That’s this finish.

Conclusion: Earthy, young, I think it’s finished in an ex-red wine barrel. Which it totally wasn’t. And not at all.

This is bonkers for a virgin cask bourbon. It’s bonkers to write about. I would have assumed it’d be like other single casks of Buffalo Trace that was just a bit different. And while I do prefer BT standard, I wouldn’t turn down another dram of this insanity.


Guess: Edradour 10 SFTC Burgundy

Actually: Buffalo Trace 12 Single Barrel Toddy’s Store Pick

Bourbon review #229, Kentucky review #146, Whiskey Network review #1519

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