Teerenpeli Suomi 100 Juhlaviski [MYSTERY]

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Is it cheating to look at someone’s list while reviewing a whisky? Maybe. I don’t really know.

On the one hand, I’ve met the people who can figure out all the whiskies they try blind. The guys who have had so many whiskies and know the profiles. I know I’m not going to attain that point. I can pick things out however remembering profiles is something I’m super bad at.

So thinking about them, and seeing them as the “target” of whisky tasting apotheosis, it’d be argued that if you can’t rattle off the exact whisky, then you shouldn’t check the list.

That said, some of these single casks can be really off the beaten path. Don’t believe me? Check my last mystery review.

So I’ll admit it, if I can’t guess what the whisky is within the first few seconds, I’ll check the list. I won’t check other reviews, but I’ll give it a go.

Turns out Strasse was ready for me and didn’t list Teerenpeli Suomi 100 Juhlaviski anywhere. Not that I’ve ever heard of it. This is my first ever Finland made whisky. It’s my first ever Teerenpeli whisky. Thus I was lost and didn’t get it right. What a surprise.

In 2017 the country of Suomi, or as I know it in English, Finland, turned 100 years old. And to celebrate still being a country and not having Russia pick it apart (dark humour!), Teerenpeli released a special whisky to celebrate. Not just a special one, it’s the first smoky Teerenpeli on the market.

Wait, how in the heck am I suppose to guess this? Oh well, it was fun, none the less.

Teerenpeli Suomi 100 Juhlaviski was sold mainly in Finland, matured in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks, and then vatted together and finished in PX sherry casks.

So let’ see how it tastes, shall we?

Teerenpeli Suomi 100 Juhlaviski 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Finland

Casks used: Ex-sherry casks and ex-bourbon casks, then finished in PX sherry casks.

Abv: 43%

Colour: 10YR 4/8

Nose: Vegetal peat, vanilla, butter, charred meat, cocoa

Initial peat is pretty strong and cuts my mystery sipping short for the evening. The ex-bourbon aspect is pretty strong, with vanilla and butter showing up.

There’s a meaty aspect and some of the peat has stepped forward to that cocoa aspect. I think the sherry is pulling up.

Taste: Cocoa, white grapes, banana, coffee, peanut

More cocoa, earthy, some acidity and fruity aspects. At this point, I’m thinking it’s peated non-Islay, what with the earth aspects.

Maybe a Highland? It’s not like Ardmore though. I’m lost.

Finish: Vanilla, chocolate chips, grass, cloves

Again, big ex-bourbon aspect at the end. I keep looking for more than the chocolate, but it doesn’t show up. That’s not a bash. My guess is this is young. And given the climate of Finland, I’m assuming not hyper-aged. So it’s impressive that something that typically takes Islay a long time to figure out, and here it is.

Conclusion: I’m lost, but I think it’s getting there. I want to see what happens in more years. I want to taste this at full strength. Maybe there was a bunch made and these are the best of the best, which is pretty cool.

On guessing it, I had no chance in Hell. I guess Arran because the peated versions can change it up. But this is nicer. I wish it was stronger. I wish that some of the sherry showed up to become multi-faceted. I’ll be trying more Teerenpeli in the future.


Guess: Arran Machrie Moor?

Actually: Teerenpeli Suomi 100 Juhlaviski

World Whisky review #327, Finland review #1, Whisky Network review #1520

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