Bruichladdich 22 1992 A. D. Rattray Cask Collection

Bruichladdich 22 ADR 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throwboats for pouring me a sample.

Another day in November, another Bruichladdich. Granted I’m not going to be posting this in November, however, it’s time to get some work done and do some reviews. I’m slacking!

Bruichladdich 22 1992 A. D. Rattray Cask Collection is up next in the “wow stop hoarding Bruichladdich samples and just review them already” bounty. I personally have enjoyed the cask collection, though I usually associate them with ex-sherry casks due to a pair of amazing releases that they brought out from Benrinnes.

Instead what we have is ex-bourbon hogshead Bruichladdich. Any time I hear that I get a bit tight-lipped. We associate Bruichladdich with wine casks, due to the relaunch.

This dram does come before the distillery was mothballed. How will it taste? Have I made a horrible mistake?

Let’s see, shall we?

Bruichladdich 22 ADR 1.jpg

Price: No longer available

Region: Islay

Vintage: 02/12/1992

Bottled: 01/09/2015

Age: 22 years

Cask Number: 3801

Cask Type: Bourbon Hogshead

Number of Bottles: 258

Abv: 54.2%

Colour: 10Y 9/6

Nose: Vanilla ice cream, peach cobbler, mint jelly, more vanilla, cucumber

Given the sheer amount of vanilla on the nose, yes, this wasn’t a rough and tumble ex-bourbon cask. Either that or I know where all the vanilla that’s been in shortage went.

Some earth, some sharp elements, some more earth. It’s very much at odds with itself, though I’m it’s mellow enough that I’m not being hit in the head with a cucumber, so that’s good.

Taste: Cinnamon loaf, cloves, zucchini, marmalade

Spices, yeast, maybe a bit of creaminess. It’s right on that “we took a vegetable and put it in dessert, don’t be freaked out.” Doesn’t quite hit the sweet spot (hehehe) of carrot cake, though it’s still quite interesting.

Still very mellow.

Finish: Custard, pumpkin pie, apple syrup, minty, zucchini loaf

Like a stoner who realizes she’s out of Oreos, this is where the action starts. Near the end. And over sweets. It’s hitting that “carrot cake” level of interesting vegetal dessert time.

A bit of mint is the only part you’ll get that’s in any way spritey. Sure the flavours have picked up and are stronger, they just aren’t that strong.

Conclusion: Mellow, unique vanilla forward dram. The whole time I was having this, my mind was picking it apart. It’s really a head-scratcher.

All of the custard and vegetal really, really shouldn’t work, but given the right amount of time have gotten along, like Catholics and Protestants in Newfoundland.

If you, like me, enjoy those odd desserts with carrots or zucchini in them, then this may be for you. Heck, if you prefer a mellow dessert over a blazingly sweet one, this is a sure thing. It’s picked well from a time when the good casks needed new casks just to fix things. It’s what should have been if Bruichladdich hadn’t shut down.


Scotch review #1020, Islay review #268, Whisky Network review #1605

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