Teeling 13 2002 Single Cask Carcavelos

Teeling 13 2002 Single Cask Caravelos.jpg

Yes, the day after a multiple tasting of Islay treats, we all sat down to more whiskey the next day. Some of us had extra days off. I just wanted to take one off. So I did.

However, the question always comes down to: What am I showing up with? Luckily I had one more Irish whiskey from a trip to Dublin up my sleeve. Why I kept it up there is anybody’s guess. Really it was a poor storage decision.

Thus we all had a pour of Teeling 13 2002 Single Cask Carcavelos. This specific version of the white port finished Irish whiskey was poured for An Pűcán, a bar in Galway. I ended up buying it from their grocer counterpart, as I a) really like single cask Teeling b) enjoy an odd cask (this is only the second white port cask that I’ve ever seen) and c) live in a country that’s been fairly called “a whisky desert”.

Also, I already had the Laphroaig 25 that was going for a good price on the shelf. Oh, and I didn’t know another whisky (review to come later) would actually end up being amaze-balls (as the kids don’t say at all, cause they are hip and cool and I have a hip and feel cool on winter days).

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I cracked this one open as part of the new tasting. Let’s see how it tasted, shall we?

Price: I think I paid 80 Euros for this… however, it was quite a while ago.

Region: Ireland

Cask No. 949

Cask Type: Ex-bourbon, then a finish in Carcavelos white port

Fill Date: 02/2002

Bottled: 03/2015

Abv: 56%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/10

Nose: Green apple, peach, vanilla/floral, oak, orange

Light nose. Lighter than the other Teeling I brought back. That typical green apple is there, with lots of floral port notes. Ex-bourbon influence is going on here too with some oak.

Not really going in any crazy directions. Water doesn’t really do too much here.

Taste: Green apple Jolly Rancher, anise, cloves, oak, vanilla

Alright, the initial blast of sugary sour flavour. And then more of that. Followed by more of that. With a dash of more and more.

Eventually, we have some spice and vanilla, but that’s like pulling teeth here.

Finish: Butter, gravel, vanilla, biscuit, chocolate

If the rest was too much fruit, somehow the finish is lacking that. Near the very, very end there’s some chocolate, but that doesn’t seem to fit either.

It’s missing something. Like a sentence without

Conclusion: Doesn’t taste like it’s full strength, and I just keep looking for something that’s different, and it’s not there.

It’s an interesting idea. I feel like this wasn’t wowing anyone after 11 years, and the white port did a lot of the heavy lifting. But there’s a void, something missing. It’s a Ray Bradbury ending: It doesn’t make for a bad book, but it certainly leaves you wanting more.

Kinda sad I got this one, however for four bottles I brought back, one being “just okay” is still pretty good odds.


World Whiskey review #341, Ireland review #89, Whiskey Network review #1618

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