Laphroaig Lore

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So it’s Advent Day #6. And my wife asks me about one of my shelves. Why I don’t seem to pull from it as much. I mention that’s my shelf of stuff that I’ve reviewed before that’s been broken down to boston bottles either to share with people or to have in the future.

She goes “Oh”.

I go “What?”

And then the world freezes, I turn to the camera, and say “You may be wondering… wait a second I just froze time! I am a GOD AMONG MEN!”

And that’s why pigs in a blanket look so sexual now.

So we now have re-reviews in the mysteries. Let’s see how they taste the second time, shall we?

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Price: $195.75 CAD at the LCBO

Region: Islay

Cask Types: Ex-Laphroaig Barrels, Sherry, & Quarter Casks

Abv: 48%

Colour: 10YR 7/10

Nose: BBQed corn, cocoa, anise, freshly cut grass

Immediately know this is an Islay. Okay is there a ton of peat? No, not Ardbeg or Octomore. Is there some lime? No, not a Caol Ila. Salty? Nope, not Talisker (yes that’s an Island, not an Islay). Not too young or meaty, so not Kilchoman.

It’s coming off with that molasses note that makes me think Laphroaig. Nice anise, cocoa, and even this pronounced grassy note.

Taste: Cocoa cracker, fizzy lemonade, blondie, white raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake

Wow, this is really building some steam. More cocoa, some effervescent notes, some more acid (somehow I didn’t go to Caol Ila, odd), even some nuttiness, more molasses, and a nice balance of sweet/tart aspects.

Definitely think this is Laphroaig now, just don’t know which one it should be.

Finish: Grasshopper pie, brown sugar, cream soda, peach juice

Big mint and chocolate notes, more molasses, and some more of that pure sugar/effervescent thing going on. Nice amount of vanilla, finish is shorter but not super short. Tastes pretty strong.

Conclusion: A lot better than the last sample I had. I enjoyed this like I’ve enjoyed many a Laphroaig that is now a lot harder to get than it used to be.

Yes, last time I had Laphroaig Lore was from a bottle that was donated to me by a brand ambassador to TWS and I didn’t like it. This sample comes from someone else’s bottle, from a different market.

Suffice to say I can see why others have enjoyed Laphroaig Lore so much. I posit that given there are others like me (there’s Dozens! Dozens of us!) who didn’t enjoy it, and others who did (even more dozens!) like it, there’s variability between casks. Or perhaps I was given a bad bottle last time, along with others.

At this time, given this, it’s good. Quite good. Worth the price? Hard to say, but I’m not here to talk about your money situation. It’s rich, has great vanilla/mint notes, and a lovely BBQ backbone to it. So if you can get one that tastes like this, grab it.


Guess: Laphroaig, Cask Strength 52+, ex-Bourbon

Actually: Laphroaig Lore

Scotch review #1063, Islay review #288, Whisky review #1656

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