Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye

We’ve all been there. You just came off the Big Time batch that was much beloved, but you’re out of it. And trying to get to the top of the ryes, as AC/DC stated, is a long way. And many an empty pocket. But then you find out about an alternative: Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye.

At least, dear reader, that was my plan. An affordable, still cask strength version of a high-end rye. No, this one wasn’t made by a legend, but it’s a similar company. Sharing ideas. And it’s only four years younger.

It could work. Much like dating your crush’s sibling, let’s find out why that logic doesn’t quite equates and just try it, shall we?

Price: $109.90 CAD at the LCBO

Region: Kentucky

Vintage: 2009

Bottled: 2018

Calculated age: 9-years-old

Abv: 59.8%

Colour: 10YR 5/8

Nose: Peanut butter, peach syrup, brine, plum sauce, sugar cookie

Water made it a lot sweeter. But wow was it all peanut butter at first. Took a long time to get past that, much, oddly, like eating a peanut butter sandwich with no water.

I’d quote an old Got Milk? Commercial here, however, I think that would date me. You know, like the desperate people in High School.

Taste: Peanut butter, cream, caramel, peach, tarragon

Water made it more herbal. Again, tons of peanut butter right off the bat, then cream. It’s very sweet, very one noted at first.

Gets sweeter. Kinda overdoses it on the sweet. When the tarragon shows up you throw your hands up in the air, as if you don’t care about them. Then you realize you’ve thrown your hands, and without hands, you can’t re-attach them.

Finish: Nougat, raspberry, salted peanut butter, cardamon, mint, cinnamon

Water brought out the spices, which is an ongoing joke I noticed in trying this. Before water, it’s more peanut butter, now with extra salt, and a ton of nougat in case you were missing out on sugar flavours from half a second ago.

With water, the spices really are nice thoughout, with elements of sportiness, heat, and acidity in them.

Conclusion: Much like attempting to replace one thing with another, it’s unfair to expect this whiskey, which I found nice, to live up to it’s bigger, and much more expensive brother. Thus I was wrong there (it happens hourly, I’m used to it).

Instead, we ended up with a very brash peanut butter heavy dram that wants water more than a man walking through the desert on a horse named Paul. At least I think that was the horse’s name, can’t quite remember it.

Without water, you get peanut butter and sweets. With water, you get an interesting dram. Is it as good as other Knob Creek releases? No, there are single cask releases that are nicer. However, if you’re looking for what I believe is a unique version of rye, then this could be it.

Or if you remember who Aaron Burr was (bam, got that reference in, I’m amazing)


Bourbon review #248, Kentucky review #159, Whiskey review #1702

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