Langatun Avo Jazz Session 1st Ed.

Thanks to /u/Throzen for pouring me the sample

What goes after you had a mystery dram and finally got around to trying your second ever Langatun? Why mispronouncing another Langatun, of course! I keep adding an extra N. That’s not even a joke, I’m just bad at it.

Langatun Avo Jazz Session 1st Ed. is meant to evoke that idea of Jazz in that idea of creating something on the fly, perhaps without classical training, and changing the game. We really can’t look past how Jazz was the idea of doing different things and seeing how it all shakes out.

So how do you do that with whisky? Well, in this case, they used three different casks to create something different: Sherry, Chardonnay, and Chateauneuf Du Pape. But we’ve been here before, somewhat. White wine casks are wacky, to say the last. To say the most they are very wacky. Extremely even.

But every single cask is a piece of creativity. Vatting multiple together, having a go at it, and taking the end result as what you want to convey. Let’s see what Langatun wanted to say with this idea, shall we?

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Switzerland

Distilled: February 2014

Bottling Date: February 2019

Cask Type: Sherry, Chardonnay & Chateauneuf Du Pape

Lot No. L 0119

Abv: 44%

Colour: 10Y 7/8

Nose: Hickory, plum, strawberry’s on the vine, smoke

Interesting smoke at first. Some strong strawberries, a bit of smoke. Wait, have I finally had a peated Langatun? Sweet. Maybe. I can’t really tell.

Interesting though. Like what the wine casks have done here, and it’s working with the smokey character.

Taste: Lots of bubblegum, earth, butter, funk

Wow, that’s a lot of bubblegum. This is young tasting. Not much beyond it, and it’s not easy to pick out much beyond that. Any intricate aspect from the nose has gone right into Hubba Bubba.

Finish: Earth, mushroom, melon, grass

Finish pulls away from the sweets, however, there’s still notes of a very light whisky. I don’t know if the younger abv. has done this, or perhaps the mixture, but I’m getting a lot of melon and earth.

Conclusion: What a nice nose. If they based the whole thing on that, it would make sense. I would understand. As it stands, this is where my enjoyment of the whisky stops.

So how do I review it? I say if you enjoy the nose, you may want this. If you want to see where they go from here, then maybe try this. Personally, I’m hoping the future versions are older, given more time, and these sessions end up being a learning experience, as they should be.


World Whisky review #366, Switzerland review #4, Whisky review #1724

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