Glenfarclas 105 22

Alright, so every so often there’s a limited edition that catches my eye. Distillery bottlings command a premium, getting something that is worth it (and actually limited to some degree) is tough, you’re hoping it’s worth it, and all that.

Glenfarclas has brought out 105 a few times before. I, for one, am typically interested in it, simply because it’s a stronger strength, it’s not too limited that the price will be truly insane, and every so often Glenfarclas brings out something quite impressive. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve enjoyed many a Glenfarclas, probably more than I’ve not enjoyed. I’ve also been quite underwhelmed by some of their older ones.

Enter Glenfarclas 105 22, a limited release to celebrate the 50th year of the 105 Cask Strength release. That’s pretty cool. I like cask strength whiskies, and celebrating 50 years of having one out, rather than discontinuing it for more accountant’s strength whiskies.

But my love of why we’re celebrating only goes so far. I could fart to celebrate cancer research making the lives of cancer patients live longer, better lives, but I’m still farting and eventually, the smell will bother you. However, if I instead paid for some of the researchers to have a wonderful night out, then it’s better.

So is this a night out, or a fart? Let’s see, shall we?

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Speyside

Bottled: 2018

Cask Type: Sherry casks

Number of bottles: 3,600

Abv: 60%

Colour: 5Y 7/8

Nose: Dandelion flower, peanuts, strawberry, currant, grass

Floral, some bitter notes. Nutty from the sherry, rich red fruit goes on, and water brings out more of the grass.

This doesn’t nose like a 22-year-old whisky should. It’s less complex, lighter, even with water. I keep looking for more, and I keep getting dandelion with sherry on the sides.

Taste: Coffee, dark chocolate, almond flour, currant, brine, molasses

Thick. Very nice mouthfeel. Lovely earth forward at first. This taps on the idea of complexity and then goes to a raw nuttiness/paste flavour. Think the nut crumbs you have after eating the whole bag/tin.

Water brings out more raw notes of salt, sugar, and some red fruit/richness. It’s trying, but again it’s tasting a lot younger.

Finish: Almond, shortbread, wood, apple pie, basil, brown sugar

Butter, nutty, and butter. Some wood, some stone fruit, and no thick mouthfeel to save it this time.

Conclusion: Lots of young flavours in here that stop it from being complex and tasting as old as it states.

I think your average sherry-based whisky fans will enjoy this. It’s slightly different from the one it’s celebrating. There are enough different things going on the entertain people. For me? I’d like more, as I know Glenfarclas can be more, especially at this age.


Scotch review #1120, Speyside review #322, Whisky review #1741

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