1792 Full Proof Single Barrel Select – Midway Discount Liquors

Thanks to a close friend for sending this bottle for myself and my father to enjoy.

1792 interests me. Fewer releases, not something I always had, and something I’m still learning about. Thus when a friend sent me a bottle of 1792 Full Proof Single Barrel Select – Midway Discount Liquors, I was very intrigued. It was added to a future tasting.

I’ve said it before, however, it bears repeating: The pic of a store is a reflection of the person’s tastes. Good picks? It takes a brand and elevates it. Becomes the best. Bad picks? The opposite, or just the same.

So now we not only review a new 1792, but start reviewing the people who picked this particular cask. Let’s see how they did, shall we?

Price: No idea.

Region: Kentucky

Picked by Midway Discount Liquors

Abv: 62.5%

Colour: 5YR 4/6

Nose: Caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, peach

Alright, it starts out with some sweet caramel and cinnamon. Then transitions to just cinnamon. And some more cinnamon. Water brings out a ton of peach. Lots and lots of peach.

Really strong flavours of cinnamon and peach. Interesting, I like those things.

Taste: Cinnamon, cumin, wheat, oak, peach

Alright, a ton of cinnamon. Time gives us some earth, and then… More cinnamon. This is cinnamon heavy.

Oh, and water brings out a ton of peach to line that up. Holy peach, there’s a peach and some peach. It’s Mario 2 up in here.

Finish: Peach cobbler, carrot, burnt sugar, cinnamon

The finish is where we get more peach, some more cinnamon after water, and some burnt sugar. Just to change it up, but not too much.

Conclusion: Fuck You Peach and Cinnamon type of whiskey. Brash, strong, unbalanced. If that’s your thing, then it’s perfect. For all I know the people who shop normally at Midway love that. Or the picker loves that and was blown away by it.

Myself? This is lacking some subtle aspects to it. At all. It’s a ton of spice and peach. It’s certainly drinkable, however I think there are other 1792 offerings I’d buy over it. That said my father has been eyeing the bottle so good news, he’s got it as a daily dram now, for those days he misses peach cobbler.


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