Bunnahabhain Stiùireadair

Bunnahabhain Stiùireadair is a new NAS release from Bunnahabhain. It’s sherried, using both first fill and second fill sherry casks. I obtained this sample from the brand ambassador who recently ran a tasting for the Toronto Whisky Society.

Why this? According to some press, it’s a partial replacement for the 12 year. Guess they’re having sourcing issues and trying to find out solutions. I say we burn them in effigy.

Wait, that’s reactive and stupid. Let’s drink the whisky first. Then burn them in effigy. God, get these things right.

Ignoring all of the frankly blunt and dumb ideas I wrote down as an attempt at humour, let’s see how this tastes before judging it, shall we?

Price: Not currently available at the LCBO

Region: Islay

Cask Types: First and Second fill Sherry Casks

Abv: 46.3%

Colour: 7.5Y 8/8

Nose: Smoke, caramel, salt air, light molasses, nutty

Bit sweet with some earth, then you’re hit by salt and sweet/molasses/caramel notes.

Not minding it, frankly. Salt works with molasses or caramel. Bit of nuttiness there.

Taste: Cinnamon honey, tarragon, brine, melon, caramel

Lots of cinnamon and sweet with an earthy/salt combo. It’s starting out strong then dropping off pretty quick.

Finish: Toffee, a ton of salt, dry apple, lime pith

Wow that’s a lot of salt. Did I ever mention that I’m bad at this much salt and that keeps me from going in the ocean? Well it does.

Conclusion: Very salty. Starts out with this good balance, goes to sweet and then ramps up the engine and tries to jump the ocean. And as Amelia Earhart will tell you, that’s not easy and you don’t stick the landing.

What, too soon?

I am not a fan of young Bunnahabhain without extra peat. I didn’t love the 12. But I think this is a step down from the 12 and needs to be rebalanced.


Scotch review #1158, Islay review #308, Whisky review #1782

2 thoughts on “Bunnahabhain Stiùireadair

    1. Entertaining review as always! Tasted and purchased this bottle. On your lack of peat concern, I plan to add a drop of peated Islay whisky (Ardbeg 10?) to it.


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