Glentauchers 15 1996 Duncan Taylor The Octave

Thanks to /u/scotchguyto for pouring me a sample of this

Still at the tasting. Well, it was months ago, but you get the idea for narration purposes.

We’re still discussing “all” of the distilleries I’ve never had. Since I had tried a Banff and Knockando, the search was on. And well… they found one.

Our great host found out I’ve never reviewed a Glentacuhers. I sheepishly agree, and there’s a dram poured in front of me.

What is it? Turns out it’s Glentacuhers 15 1996 Duncan Taylor The Octave. I’ve had a few of these, and suffice to say I’m not too excited. Octaves typically aren’t high on my list.

But it’s a whisky. And I’m me. So, of course, I’m reviewing it. Anything less would be rude, and I’m only jokingly rude.

Let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Price: No longer available

Region: Speyside

Vintage: 1996

Bottled: 2012

Cask Type: Finished in a Sherry Octave

Cask Number: 852420

Number of Bottles: 64

Abv: 54.9%

Colour: 10YR 6/6

Nose: Fuzzy peach, honey, burnt grass, cocoa, dark maple syrup

Sweet on the nose. The previous cask influence has blended with the heavy sherry influence from the smaller Octave cask.

Strong sweet notes, some burnt notes, and honey. Cereal forward with a burnt level. Quite nice.

Taste: Orange-chocolate, cherries, butterscotch, lemon candy

Wow, that’s a lot of orange flavour. It’s at this point I feel the constant need to reiterate my personal bias against too much orange. Yes, there fruit and sugar there too, but the orange/earth is centre stage.

I am having trouble being that good guest with the first sip.

Finish: Lime-chocolate, oak, sprite-y, coconut, navel orange, leather

The orange evolves into lime, keeps the chocolate and some dry notes, with some leather. I have to say this is one of the better octave influenced drams.

Too bad I’m a dick to orange.

Conclusion: If I wasn’t such an asshole to orange, this would be a higher score. Seriously, if you’re an orange lover like Vitamin C gets your undies a monsoon, then yeah. This is your dream. Either this or a glass of Orange juice. Though this has less sugar.

This is a mixture of really interesting acidity, chocolate, and sherry richness. It’s an evolving dram that does sweet really strongly and acid to balance. And I think it’ll probably ruin a bunch of other Glentauchers for me moving forward.


Scotch review #1173, Speyside review #331, Whisky Network review #1810

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