Amrut Oloroso Single Cask 4133 [Mystery]

Thanks to nsquare14 for this mystery.

Amrut. Yeah, I didn’t know it was Amrut when I started, but safe bet I’ll enjoy an Amrut. devoz and I are big fans of the Indian single malt and have a fun competition where we try to out-review the other one. We also share quite a few drams.

Enter a sherried dram that I guess (incorrectly) is a mixture of old Glendronachs, as nsquare14 had recently made that mixture himself. Shame on me for cheating.

But what Amrut Oloroso Single Cask 4133 is doing, in addition to letting me try a great dram and giving me something fun to do as a hobby, is try an Amrut that Devoz hasn’t. This comes close to him trying the stronger version of Angel’s Share (no it doesn’t but let’s pretend).

So how was it? Let’s see, shall we?

Price: ₠140

Region: India

Cask # 4133

Cask type: Oloroso Cask

Distilled: 11-2011

Bottled: 07-2018

Number of bottles: 300

Bottled for Kirsh Import, Germany

Abv: 60%

Colour: 7.5YR 4/8

Nose: Orange, hazelnut, plantains, honeyed wood/heather, limestone/gravel

Right off the bat, even ignoring the colour, this is obvious sherry. Acidic, nutty, yet still holds that tropical side of Amrut.

That said, it’s a cleaner Amrut. Gone are the stronger funks of the yeast.

Taste: Honey, oak, cloves, anise, strawberries, cream, peanut brittle More honey, lots of flavours versus a meld of all flavours, and surprisingly easy drinking. Spice, oak, sherry heavy without being too one-note.

Love that strawberries and cream note too. Also, there’s a lot more honey than anything tropical. Quite the unique Amrut.

Finish: Nutmeg, caramel, oak, grass, banana, burn, papaya frunk, cashew

Spice, caramel, and finally more burn and some of that funk I was looking for. If the nose threw me off, the finish should have brought me back to figuring it all out.

Conclusion: A less tropical, honey forward dram. It’s like the person who picked this said “I sure do like Amrut, but, I mean, could we have less tropical and funk” and they had an answer. It’s very sherry influenced and would be one of those drams that non-Amrut drinkers love.

Myself? It was missing what I reach for Amrut but it certainly did sherry well. Not enough to have leather or strong, complex notes though. All in all, I’d personally not buy it but I’d still recommend it for non-obsessives of the dram.


Guess: A mixture of GlenDronach single casks

Actually: Amrut Oloroso Cask #1433

World Whisky review #382, India review #35, Whisky Network review #1825

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