Shelter Point Single Malt Kensington Wine Market Pick / Shelter Point Single Cask Rye

I’m always looking for a “next distillery”. Something that makes a whisky that I’ll enjoy. And while I typically enjoy Scotch, I do want other countries to make cool stuff too.

Enter Canada, get cold, go home, realize home is a little crazy (unless you’re part of Germany or a country that’s less crazy), come back to Canada. In the past few years, there have been some new distilleries popping up, making things I like putting in my mouth (zinger goes here).

Shelter Point is one of those places. Now we’re waiting for their stuff to age more. They are making single malts, local to the distillery. Not only that, but we’ve started seeing some single barrels.

Now, sir/madam/Greek BBQ, you have my attention.

So let’s see what different picks and single casks do, shall we?

Shelter Point Rye Kensington Wine Market Cask

Price: $119.99 CAD at Kensington Wine Market

Region: Canada

Age: 6-years-old

Distilled: May 2012

Bottled: October 2018

Cask No 206

Total bottles: 162

Abv: 59%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Pineapple, alcohol heat, banana, cereal

Tropical fruit with some extra acid, some funk, and a bunch of spirit/cereal notes. I’m liking the banana note, I’m iffy on the heat here. Still might be a bit young.

Taste: Banana, pears, caramel, earth, gravel (with water)

Good news everyone! More banana! Well good news if you’re not living in constant fear of yellow fruit, a banana republic in slave conditions, or don’t like that note.

Water opens up the earth, which I didn’t really want it to. Less tropical, sweeter now.

Finish: Black pepper, pear, sand/mineral, limestone

The finish would have benefitted from some time. On the one hand, it’s nice and dry to end and people will enjoy that. It has very little else beyond alcohol though, so is a bit one noted there.

Conclusion: Interesting banana with dry elements. Sadly it became too earthy and didn’t take to water well. So first off, no water on this one. Good as is.

Second, it’s a work in progress. I’m impressed at the developed flavours at only 6-years-old from a single cask like this. This is the type of “in progress” dram that you should be finding from a distillery, be it Canadian or not.

Finally, I can see why they picked this one out. While the price may be a bit higher, it’s certainly sippable.


Shelter Point Single Cask Rye

Price: $100 CAD, however, please note it’s now sold out.

Region: Canada

Bottle: 126/206

Base: 100% rye

Abv: 59.7%

Colour: 7.5Y 8/10

Nose: Butterscotch, pecan, peach, alcohol

Butter. And things that go well with butter. Before you say “everything goes with butter”, first off, I know. And second off, I mean food like things that go well with butter, like sugar (and heat and cream), pecans, and peaches. There are some noticeable alcohol notes, however, this feels a bit more developed.

Taste: Honeydew, butterscotch, oak, walnut

Nutty, bit tropical/fruity, and some more of that buttery cream flavour. The oak is doing well with this one, really working on a varied, if young, dram.

Finish: Butter/caramel, oak/vanilla, molasses, burnt toast

Holy butter/vanilla bomb. Think trying “some of” the batter while making cookies. Oatmeal cookies. Well perhaps not that complex, but maybe having some of each ingredient while making them?

All in all, a big finish.

Conclusion: Butter bomb, pure and simple. Lots of butter and caramel. Not what I’d expect from a rye whisky. No orange or spice, and just a bit of bread at the end.

Getting past that, this really did some kookie things. Took to the oak well and would be for any of you cask-driven freaky guys and gals out there, with your droopy pants and fast songs. That’s what young adults are like now, right?

This is the whisky I was looking for. A sign of greater things to come. This ranks up there with the Single Cask Strength one they had before.


World Whisky review #385-7, Canada review #126-127, Whisky Network review #1832-3

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