A bevy of Springbank Reviews

Springbank. The name conjures up quality, because they haven’t skimped on their processes, and high prices, because we all know the whisky is good, and therefore buy it. I have a hard time speaking about Springbank for this reason. I love Springbank. My first review was the standard 10, and while I feel I was […]

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Glenlossie 22 1997 Maltbarn

Thanks to a good friend for pouring me this dram “Hey, want a Glenlossie?” Silence. “It was bottled by Maltbarn” Alright, now we’re talking, where’s my glass? Yeah, I’m not going hunting for Glenlossie normally. I’m a biased, angry old grump who has reviewed enough Speyside scotches that I am basically a foolish Disney villain […]

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Three Hazelburn Reviews

I sometimes feel like Hazelburn is the last child in a family of really smart kids. Look, you got Springbank. A tough, unique, amazing whisky. Easy oldest kid, gets straight As, is popular without being a dick about it. Then you have Longrow: Peated, doesn’t really have to try, still does, gets these cool red […]

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Dalwhinnie Distillery Bottling

Thanks to /u/Davyj0ne5 for this sample. I recently commented that I have been reviewing some rare drams and that I was coming back to earth with some more standard whiskies. Then I read what I was about to review and realized that I’m warped in thinking Dalwhinnie Distillery Bottling was, in fact, “down to earth”. So my own warped […]

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