Monumental 30 Alexander Murray & Co

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuyTo for sharing this dram

There’s always a question that people have: Why are you in my house? Where’s my family? Why are you doing this? Why are you a doll? Wait, it was the guy lying dead in the chamber the whole time? That’s not a twist, that’s bullshit… Fuck, there’s 9 of these? And a spinoff? What the fuck?

Oh, and people ask about whisky that’s a certain milestone for a friend. 30-year-old whisky, 40-year-old whisky, they don’t really drink a lot, it’s fun, birth year, etc. It’s not an easy question to answer for a bunch of reasons.

However, you don’t always have to pay an arm and a leg because someone lived into their 30s. Assuming they were part of the Saw Franchise, that’s impressive. Even more so if they have all of their limbs or an acting career after it.

Enter Monumental 30 Alexander Murray & Co, a 30-year-old Blend, independently bottled and sherry cask finished. But your friend deserves something that’s tasty and not just a fancy number on a bottle. So how does this taste?

Price: $225 USD

Region: Blend

Cask Type: Sherry Casks Finish

Abv: 40%

Colour: 2.5Y 7/10

Nose: Pineapple, red grape, apple, pear, nori

Tropical, more fruit, additional fruit, some different fruit, and fruit. I’m feeling like there should be more to give description wise, but the lower abv. Is making it fruit and a bit of brine. Nice, nothing rough.

Taste: Brown butter, grapefruit, mineral, apple, ginger

Nice nutty/buttery note, some strong acidity, good mineral note. Yeah, it’s simpler but generally nice to sip on.

Finish: Papaya, apple, pear, banana, ginger

Tropical, fruity, ginger. Seriously I write these blurbs to be funny or add something but here I feel like I’m talking to an elderly family member and I’ve explained I’ve gone back to school three times.

So it’s constant. I like the ginger at this point. I wish there was some butter at this point? Yeah, I’ve gone back to school. Yeah, it’s tough.

Conclusion: That’s a nice dram. Who the fuck watered this down? This is easy drinking, no hard flavours, and stays the same. While I may mock that fact on the finish doesn’t change things too much, I really do think you could grab this for a 30th birthday present and they’ll be super happy to have it.

On a different note: Who the heck watered this down? As a whisky nerd, and no longer the whisky-gift-guru I fake being, this could have been so much better for probably a slightly higher alcohol. Nonetheless, if you’re one of the fans of smoother whiskies, this is a no-brainer.


Scotch reviews #1251, Blend review #106, Whisky Network review #1904

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