Glen Grant 23 1985 First Cask Whisky Import Nederland

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuyTo for sharing this dram.

Glen Grant isn’t something I typically go after. The ones I’ve had haven’t been what you’d call “life-changing” or “nice tasting” or in some cases “edible”. And that’s tough because when you start getting on that path it’s tough to try another whisky from that same distillery. Why? Because this shit’s expensive yo! And it hurts your liver (pro-tip). So maybe you’re picky.

Enter Glen Grant 23 1985 First Cask Whisky Import Nederland. Was at a tasting, in the before-time, and it was one of the whiskies. I didn’t think I’d have any, but our host was his usual awesome self and well, I didn’t want to be a bad guest.

Thus I poured some and wrote a review.

So it’s an ex-bourbon Glen Grant at cask strength, independently bottled at cask strength.

But is it good? Let’s see, shall we?

Price: € 209

Region: Speyside

Vintage: 12.07.1985

Bottled: 28.08.2008

Cask type: Bourbon Hogshead

Cask number 10182

Number of bottles: 187

Abv: 55.8%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/10

Nose: Apple, mineral, honey, melon, mushroom, leather

It starts off simple enough. Nice balance of sweet, floral, some earth… Water brings out the leather and whips my brain into the right state of mind though, and explains why my constant need to “give up” on distilleries is still wrong.

Taste: Banana liquor, cereal, apple, funky, raspberry jam

Ok, maybe I underestimated this one… Nice sweet banana note, some cereal, funkier and balance of concentrated fruit flavours. It’s sweet, but balanced and not in a way that’s turning me off. Granted I eat sugar like plantations need the money so take that with a grain of salt.

Finish: Mineral, apple, oat/cereal, cinnamon, raspberry jam

The finish immediately holds off on the sweet and slowly brings you down. Yes, water brings out that raspberry jam note, but damn this is a sexy beast.

Conclusion: A tricky dram that grows more powerful with time. Truly we need to drink these before they take over the world.

It’s a sacrifice we all must take.

Joking about the future of the world aside, this is a fun dram to be sure. It’s sweet, but not overly so, has lovely flavours, and hits that balance on sugar/fruit/spice/floral/cereal notes without overdoing it. If you’re someone who likes a subtle but powerful dram that don’t need no man, this is for you.


Scotch review #1252, Speyside review #351, Whisky Network review #1905

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