Old Pulteney 28 1988 Cask #10110

Thanks to /u/smoked_herring for sharing this dram with me. You walk into a store, and immediately there’s something there that you don’t pass down. Perhaps it’s mochi and you have a sweet tooth. Perhaps it’s a nice steak or a specific brewery/distillery release. When I have disposable income (what with that pesky need to eat and live […]

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4 Ben Nevis Whiskies

There’s “honey barrel” years. There’s “weird casks”. There’s a distillery making a spirit completely differently than they normally do. Distillery warehouses get full, and eventually, it’s not just blenders buying their barrels, it’s independent bottlers. And frankly, I love it all. Each time a distillery has some ebb and flow it really is fun for […]

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