Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Why do I do this? Why is it that every whiskey, and I mean every whiskey (you’re reading about a review of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, I don’t need to hammer this point) I drink requires a review?

At this point I’ve accepted the fact that I drink to review, and not review to drink. It’s been an insane year, and it’s hard not to self-assess: I wanted to write more reviews and had school so I was tired. School’s done now. I want to write. Now if I could stay awake.

Well my wife grabbed some samples a few months ago and said “you need to drink these and write” I, of course, drank them, wrote notes, and then… realized how behind I was. And didn’t catch up.

What is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey? Why it’s Jack Daniel’s mixed with honey to make a liqueur. Though it still has that name that tells me whiskey is there. So I’m reviewing it.

Do I expect great things? Not amazing, but it’s honey, and I love honey. There’s always honey around. Honey is hard to come by with the bees dying. So did they waste honey? That’d be bad. Let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Price: $35.95 CAD at the LCBO

Region: Tennessee

Abv: 35%

Colour: 5Y 9/8

Nose: Honey, oak, pear soap

Honey! We’re good people, pack’er up, we did it!

Wait, have I done that joke before? Dammit. Unpack’er up people.

Some oak comes through, some floral/soap notes are there. It’s not wow, but there’s nothing rough. I sure hope that doesn’t turn bad (insert suspenseful music here).

Taste: Watered down honey, icing sugar

It’s sugar and light honey. There’s barely anything here. It’s sugar and sweet and nothing neat.

Finish: Char, honey, anise

Quick finish, mostly floral sweet, char, and spice. Not bad, but it’s not gonna blow your mind. The notes are simple, there’s few of them, it’s honey again.

Conclusion: Too many soap and soap adjacent notes on the nose, the taste is basically the equivalent of smelling someone’s fart instead of having the same meal they had the day before, and the finish is simple, quick, but alright.

Is this boring? Yes, easily, it’s just honey and some char/spice. That’s all. The nose smells like soap and I don’t like soap in my food (but I do like floral, interesting). Is this something you can just sip on and get hammered? Easily. I think Seagram’s 7 Dark Honey or Drambuie are better options for honey whisk(e)y, but if you feel like branching out, this is lighter if that’s what you need in a cocktail.


Bourbon review #269, Tennessee review #10, Whiskey Network review #2013

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