Teeling 10 2008 Single Cask

Thanks to /u/smoked_herring[+2] for this sample.

As Teeling continues to grow and age it’s own whiskey, we’re going to see more of their whiskey in the mix and less of what they’ve sourced (which they haven’t officially disclosed, and I’m not going to mention since it always turns into a debate when I do).

Part of me is excited for the company: Selling your own whiskey and growing and improving is a massive step that you should be proud of. What will future Teeling taste like?

On the other hand I’ve been very happy to drink the sourced, well aged, and interesting cask influenced offerings that have been out. Today we look at one such whiskey, Teeling 10 2008 Single Cask.

This younger whiskey was offered at the distillery back when we could travel and have happiness and the veil of life being fair was still in our collective lives. Regardless of the following review, my typical recommendation holds: If you can get a “pour your own” whiskey at a distillery, try each offering and buy the one you like the most. Put aside your money for that.

Let’s see how this one stands up, shall we?

Price: 100 Euros at the distillery

Region: Ireland

Cask Type: Sherry Butt

Cask Number: 22060

Abv: 60.4%

Colour: 5Y 8/8

Nose: Hazelnut, raisin, cereal, daisies, soap, cloves

Sherry influence is at it’s peak here. Takes out most of the underlying malt, though there’s some floral aspects that pop up with some water.

Floral, soap, and those Xmas spices/fruits aren’t really mixing. Bit combative versus collaborative.

Taste: Butterscotch, peanut oil, floral, raspberry jam, anise

Buttery, nutty, thick, and floral. All of these comes at you fast, and none of it is getting along. This taste is like taking your entire meal and dragging your spoon to get a little bit of everything. And like SNL’s overnight salad, it’s a lot of disjoint notes.

Finish: Nutty, caramel, brine, burnt sugar, floral

Sherry finish, very standard, and then floral when you add water.

Conclusion: Nice, though a bit disjoint. Very hot and a bit simpler, wish it had a few more years on it. I’m not anti-floral whiskies. If anything I’m very much a lover of floral whiskies.

This tastes like it’s too young on that side, and hasn’t really developed enough complexity, while also being bombarded with a strong, wet ass sherry cask (you’ll see the song of the same name on my next album). I don’t doubt this could be in some peoples’ laneway: It’s basically a different sherry bomb. Just not for me this time.


World Whiskey review #404, Ireland review #113, Whiskey Network review #2026

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