Trader Joe’s Highland 10

Thanks to /u/ScotchGuy_To  for pouring this at a tasting.

I live in what Yuppies call “the shadow lands”, where Trader Joe’s or Pirate Joes (companies that specifically buy Trader Joe’s products and resell them in Canada) don’t exist. It’s a rough life, and I rest in my bed knowing that as long as my future medical issues aren’t dental or a specific type of pharmaceutical I won’t lose my livelihood. It’s a trade off.

But let’s ignore the hellscape I live in with all the trees and animals and look over the fence at my neighbours who can buy store brand Scotch. Yup, I’m drinking Trader Joe’s Highland 10, an inexpensive bottle from the store of baked good temptations and rainbow happy non-judgy heaven (I don’t really know, never been to one).

But it’s a store brand, right? And not too pricey. I’ll be lucky if this is brown vodka.

On the other hand… ScotchGuy_To did bring it… Hmmm, let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Price: $16.33 USD

Region: Highland

Abv: 40%

Colour: 2.5Y 8/8

Nose: Pineapple, cereal, red fruit, oil

When I first nose the bottle I’m surprised that it’s not, in fact, brown vodka nose. I’m expecting rough sandpaper/cereal, and instead there’s fruit and almost an oily note.

Also given the proof the nose is still there. I’m impressed. That all said, this isn’t going to change your life or open the cosmos to you: It’s still young cereal fruit. But better than expected.

Taste: Strawberry syrup, plum, honey

Sugar and strong fruit notes. Lots of each, actually. Thick too. Again, simple, but compared to what you usually get when someone hands you change on a $20. Which doesn’t happen even at Mickey D’s anymore.

Finish: Gravel, plum, cloves, nutmeg

Short. This is where age really causes some negative sides. It’s a mouth full of spice and earth without a strong fruit balance. That said, I’m not unhappy. Which means happy. Good way to start a tasting (that happened a while ago, we’re not breaking quarantine).

Conclusion: This could disappear easily. Like super easily. Goodbye afternoon, Hello tomorrow with a headache.

Fruit, cereal, sugar. Goes down easily, change from a $20 bill (those still exist, right? You’ve not gone to Mad Max down there, right?). Buy this, throw it in a rocks glass, enjoy responsibly (hide the bottle after 3, your call on drinks or PM).


Scotch review #1360, Highland review #224, Whisky Network review #2036

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