Ben Nevis 4 2015 Strictly Limited

Today we have something I’m a big fan of: A younger whisky.

Don’t leave, more hyped up shit coming, just let me rant some more about how much I like Ben Nevis.

Ok, thanks. In our group of friends each of us have our “thing”. And by thing, I of course don’t mean our genitalia. We probably have those too. I don’t know, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a naked hangout day. Accidents happen.

Where was I… oh, yes, my thing. I buy Ben Nevis (when I can afford it). Honestly it’s slowly going to a point where you can’t afford it. Also why am I buying Highlands? Whatever, just go with it.

So we have a potential solution: Ben Nevis 4 2015 Strictly Limited. Yes, a 4-year-old Ben Nevis to go with the other 4-year-old Ben Nevis I split and reviewed. Grated this time it isn’t peated, and also it’s not cask strength. But it’s a decent strength, a good price, and may be the solution.

You see where this is going, let’s get to the whisky, shall we?

Price: £39

Region: Highland

Vintage: 2015

Bottled: 2020

Cask type: Sherry Hogsheads

No. Of bottles: 900

Abv: 47.5%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Earthy, strawberry, grape must, sugar syrup

Very light. Immediate earthiness, then some fruit notes pop up and take on rougher notes. If you’ve never toured a winery after they’ve separated out the happy juice and left the no-no byproduct (which they turn into grappa or even more tasty, pig feed).

That’s the smell on it. It’s like someone is making booze and they offered you some before it’s done. I’m concerned.

Taste: Anise, grape skin, caramel, purple drink, stale nuts

Ok, more anise, more rough grape notes, and then some strong sugar and stale nuts. Which if you’re wondering which nuts, I don’t know. I just know they are stale.

Sugary sweet and rough. Let’s swallow and get this over with (said every person I’ve ever been with).

Finish: Cinnamon, caramel, grape, brine

Spice, sweet, the grape has less rough edges and brine. Honestly the finish is the best part, though it’s also the shortest. Like having Danny Devito in your DnD party playing a halfling who dies in two sessions.

That seemed way too long for a simile.

Conclusion: Like a weak, sad grappa that’s boring. Pass. Hard pass. Sure, it’s inexpensive, but why were these (yeah, this isn’t just a single cask) released? Why weren’t they put back in the casks? Was it a packaged deal to buy something else? And why are there 900 bottles of this?

It’s rough around all the edges. Save your money, drink less for your health, smile more and buy something better.


Scotch review #1394, Highland review #225, Whisky Network review #2070

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