Knappogue Castle 1951

Thanks to /u/Scotchguy_TO  for this sample. I enjoy Irish Whiskey. A few years ago that was, for some reason, a statement that had people up in arms in some whiskey circles. Now it’s fine. Thank goodness. Irish Whiskey used to be the norm. Prior to the coffey still it was the drink of choice. Things changed, there […]

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A quintet of Tomatins

There’s always something that you like “the least”. You may enjoy the heck out of Marvel and then someone brings up Thor: Dark World, or worse, such as Inhumans or Immortal Iron Fist. You may love cinema and someone will bring up Meet the Spartans, or the Emoji Movie, or whatever the hell Alone in […]

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More Mortlach Please

When you’re having a bad day, it’s typically a sign to take a moment, step back, breathe in, and reassess. All of this is summed up in my whisky friend group as “Mortlach o’Clock”. A point of frustration so great that the only thing that could knock you out of it is a strong as […]

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Aultmores of Many Sources

Years ago, when hanging out together happened, two of my friends had me stop by to confront me about something super duper important. I had never had an Aultmore. Thank goodness too, as I thought they had found out about the illegal pet trade network I had set up. Then the next thing you know […]

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