Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

So 2021 sucked. Sure, you may have had better things happen. I somewhat did? I kept going on, and am going to, however on December 31, 2021 I wouldn’t say anyone in my household, save for the cat, were particularly positive. I attempted to have some drinks, but the energy just wasn’t there. A stout turned into debates if we were going to bed at 8:30 or 10pm, with midnight being a fanciful mystery land.

I didn’t want us to be like that, but there we were: The new variant, which was caused by not sharing medicine with Africa and our moronic society, had caused us to miss out on curling games, meeting up with family for Xmas, having an end of year tasting, cancel the next DnD session I had planned (along with meeting one of my player’s SO), and now had killed off New Year’s Eve.

Drinking and me are a stable relationship: If I’m feeling depressed or anxious, I don’t drink, and my body won’t allow me to drink.

So here I was, a bummed out wife, a sleepy content cat, and my brain was actively hating on a nice stout in my hand. Should I just take an edible and finish off the night? Normally I’d say yes.

Then my wife said “Review the worst whisky you have. I’ll even have half a shot with you, to help you out.” As any person will tell you, being given the option to make someone you love smile, you take it. So I did.

Enter Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, the worst thing I have in the house. Yes, maybe I have worse samples floating around, but it was there, staring back at me with it’s red death glow. Yes, it’s no longer a whiskey, a bourbon, or a Tennessee whiskey. But it is the worst, and it’s whiskey adjacent, so I’m reviewing it. Feel free to have a completely calm overreaction in the comments.

This is Jack Daniel’s mixed with cinnamon. Real cinnamon? Probably not. I found out it’s a blend of cinnamon liqueur and Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.

I’ve reviewed terrible flavoured whisky before, but perhaps this one would be the shining positive spot to end out a shit year.

I was naive back then, I’ll give myself that. Let’s see how this is, shall we?

Price: €30

Region: Tennessee Fire

Abv: 35%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Cinnamon soap

Jesus that’s soapy. Is it cinnamon liquor? Luckily I have a few cinnamon liquor around the house to compare.

It’s similar to Cinnamon Schnapps (Cinnamon 99) than Goldschlager, which is harsher and less floral.

Taste: Cinnamon, sugar

Pretty simple way to recreate this: Get some vodka, buy a churro, ruin the churro by licking it and then take the shot of vodka. I’d say debate your life decisions but I’m drinking Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire at the moment so who am I to judge?

Finish: Caramel, cinnamon, burning

Long finish. Disturbingly long. Lots of burning, either from the alcohol or the cinnamon. This is the first time there’s some hint that it’s not just raw alcohol and cinnamon flavouring, but they in fact added whiskey to it.

How old? Let’s not get into details. There’s a hint of caramel: Let’s pluck out that one piece of corn from this turd sandwich and be happy with the find.

Conclusion: WTF, did you get someone who isn’t a fan of Cinnamon to put this together? Or did you have some casks that broke after 3 years and a day? This isn’t even worth it compared to other flavoured whiskies, other Jack Daniel’s products (except for the honey that was somehow worse), and even compared to other cinnamon flavoured alcohols.

Want a gag gift, and you’ve already forced whiskey stones on some poor whiskey fan too many times? Well then this is for you. Otherwise it’s a skip.


Bourbon review #282, Tennessee review #15, Whiskey Network review #2180

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